Lizette Méndez

Very pesky younger sister

Liz personality

Lizzette is a very god sister, because she is loving, good listener, and supports you.

She have fourteen years old, studies the junior year.

she is a good girl, but has a very ugly, often without doing anything he gets angry, or if you are upset about something that happened also gets angry with you.

She have a best friend, with her go to the cinema, but she very often she goes to his house.

Sometimes she´s angry because not eaten, and angry with everyone and makes tantrum...

She loves to listen to music, and stay connected on social networks, your favorite color is purple, and likes ballet.

Shes practice hip hop, and likes to exercise. Before we swam the two, but now we are in a dance academy.

Physically is high, light hair, green eyes, thin and pretty face, but also in body.

It is often funny, is quite mature, and I have so much fun with it when we play with the xbox.

And she have many friends.

My beautiful sister!!

I think ...

Liz is a great sister, but sometimes we get angry, but we are good sisters and I love her very much, so I will not let me remove any boyfriend