the best sport since the time it was invented.

social values

Bored? Take a couple of friends and go to a basketball game and have a blast. Don't want to? You could also just play a game with your friends. It would be fun because you are doing a fun activity with your friends that you all enjoy.

Mental Benefit

If you want to be better, you will push yourself to go further by practicing and rising above the other players and you will be confident in yourself.

Physical values

Basketball obviously has physical benefits if you are playing because you are running the ball up and down the court.


Basketball is a very exciting sport to watch. Most people get excited about going to basketball games. They get to see how the game goes and they get to cheer for their favorite team.
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This is what makes basketball great!
Griffin's INSANE Dunk of the Year!

Risks in playing

If you don't take precautions or play safely, you could get hurt.
Paul George Suffers SEVERE Lower Right Leg Injury Team USA