Balance of Power


Brazil size

Brazil is 3.288 million sq miles big. It is a fairly larger country. It's good that the nation is large because usually the larger the country is the more power it's going to have due to the fact that is big
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Brazil's population

Brazil has a population of 198.7 million.It's not to large nor to small and that is a good thing in means of power. Too big of a population can mean more power because of human progression in the country but it also means for more demand of the people in valuable resources like food and water. So in means of power through population, it's at a very good stable number in people.
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Brazil's education

People in Brazil are educated but not all of them are educated well. Only like 43% of the people in Brazil are well educated. This would help the power of the country because if the people are educated then they can operate the many systems the country needs to become a stronger nation
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Brazils armed forces

Brazil's armed forces are the largest in Latin America, with 327,710 active-duty troops and officers. With no serious external or internal threats, the armed forces are searching for a new role. They are expanding their presence in the Amazon under the Northern Corridor (Calha Norte) program. The better the army the more power the country will have due to the fact that their stronger

Brazil features

Brazil has many mountains, rivers, and lakes. Brazil is a tropical country and is famous very being the home of the amazon rainforest. It's very humid and wet. I see this as a advantage in power for Brazil because if somebody wants to attack them then they could just hide in the trees of the rainforest
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Brazil economy

Brazil is productive in some ways but to provide for the country it needs to be furthermore productive then what it is now. Because of the geography of Brazil it's hard to advance in production due to the fact that it's full of trees and river systems. This is bad in means of power because If a country wants to have more power then it needs a good economy growth. Brazil isn't at that point yet.
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