The Right Fight

By: Chris Lynch

The theme of the story is to fight for what you believe in.

INTRODUCTION: The Right fight by Chris Lynch is a historical fiction book about a man who gives up one of his favorite passions, baseball, to pursue something bigger. It is an action packed book about a man's journey to help his country. The man journey fighting in the war is like playing a whole new baseball game. It is hard work exciting and stressful.

Rising Action

Roman is a semi-pro baseball player as the season is winding down another season is starting up the season of war. Roman decides to enroll in the U.S. Army he spends several months training in the Carolinas and Louisiana. He finds out he is a much better tank driver then he ever was at baseball.


Roman goes to war after he trains he is posted in Algeria to fight the African army witch is controlled by Germany. Roman gets assigned his grope it conceited of a general, a driver, a a assistant driver, machine gunner, a ammo jockey, and a 72mm gun operator. They are assigned a M-4 tank. Roman and his team have several successful fights and become very close as a team. They continue to fight for they country.

Falling Action and Conclusion

The war in Africa starts winding down and Romans team decides to go home to there family. Roman decides to keep fighting for the country he loves. He will never forget the friends he made and the feats he accomplished.