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Tips for 1:1 iPad Integration - December 2, 2014

An App and a Snack

An App and A Snack will return in January! Stay tuned... and let me know if there is something specific you would like to cover!


Our final STEM activities of 2014 are quickly approaching. Instead of targeting just one day this time, we are all going to try and fit a STEM activity into the last week before break. I will be sending out lesson ideas for Elf STEM early next week, but be thinking about setting aside a time for them as you plan out the rest of the year!

An Hour of Code is Here!

A big thanks to everyone who has agreed to give up at least one hour of your class time to participate in the Hour of Code next week! I think you will all find that this will be not only fun, but also beneficial to your students.

Kindergarten teachers, I am working on matching you up with older kids and will get that information to you asap. First grade teachers, if you decide to participate, please let me know and let me know what I can do to help!

Here is the schedule for grades 2-5 on Monday:

· Katherine Wakefield - Chicks that Code representative

o 8:15 – 9:15 – Andrews & Hutchins (in room 28)

o 9:20 – 10:20 – 3rd grade & Wade (in Media Center)

o 10:25 – 11:25 – Peak & McCraw (in McCraw’s room)

· Jeff Boeh - Iron Yard representative

o 8:15 – 9:15 – Keenan & Horton (in Media Center)

o 9:30 – 10:30 – Green (Keenan) & Karban (Keenan’s room – Karban can bring chairs if needed)

o 11:00 – 12:00 – Khalil (Keenan) & Rigsby (in Media Center)

You will find the link for below. As always, let me know how I can help with this!

Digital Citizenship - Last Call!

A big thanks goes out to all of you who have updated me on your digital citizenship lessons in the past week. If you have not done so, please let me know where you are in your quest to teach 4 lessons before we go home for Christmas break.

Just in case you forgot, the new lessons I recommended for November dealt with giving out personal information online. We know that kids will likely be getting new devices over the holidays, and we want to be sure they are safe. For grades K-2, try out Keep it Private, and for grades 3-5 try Private & Personal Information.

And one more time, just in case you are behind, here are the other lessons I have suggested this year. K-2: for August, Going Places Safely or Staying Safe Online; for September, My Creative Work; and for October, ABC Searching or Using Keywords. 3-5: for August, Rings of Responsibility or Talking Safe Online; for September, Whose Is It, Anyway; and for October, The Key to Keywords.

Chief Photo Gallery - Falling into STEM

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Chapman Elementary

As always, I am here to help you integrate technology into your lessons. Please let me know how I can be of assistance.

Keep Working on Your Tech-O Boards!