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The essential guide to your Employability Skills

Employability Skills

Are skills that help you to get and sustain a job. A Super Employable student has the following components:

Hard Employability Skills

"If you don't know how to search for a job, have a poor CV, and no confidence to sell yourself during an interview; despite excellent qualifications you will have a difficulty to persuade employers to hire you" - Town Mayor

Soft Employability Skills

Without these skills, it will be more difficult to achieve excellent performance in your job. These include:

1. Communication Skills

2. Goal Setting

3. Time management

4. Teamwork

5. Problem Solving

6. Presenting information

7. Entrepreneurship

8. Using your own initiative

9. Negotiation skills

10. Leadership

"Imagine someone who has excellent qualifications and an outstanding CV but is not able to work as part of a team. That person will make the completion of team tasks more difficult not only for themselves but also for others" - Town Mayor

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