RES Staff Update

October 8-12, 2018

Please click on the links above to access either the staff hub or the October Rocket Register. There are many events listed in the Rocket Register. Please make sure you read this each month. Thank you!
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Due to this very busy week, teachers will have the gift of time rather than the required team planning meetings. We appreciate you!!

Online Compliance Course (Required by all CFISD Staff)--Due Date October 8

The due date for completing the online compliance course is October 8. All staff received an email about this, but the directions for accessing the course are below.

Technology Reminders from Christi Moran

1. INVENTORY will begin Monday, October 8th. This means ALL technology needs to be out and available for the tech department to scan. Please be sure all your classroom Chromebooks are in your room, including your teacher tool. Any other technology must be out as well (Lightspeeds, DVD players, Hovercams, projectors, printers). Double check all cabinets that EVERYTHING whether you use it or not is out and able to be scanned.

2. OLD TECHNOLOGY PICK UP- We have a delivery of classroom Chromebooks being delivered to Kinder. PreK, and large group next week. This means I will need to put together a pick-up of old technology. Teachers receiving these are now allowed to get rid of classroom desktops. This also gives us the opportunity to “clean up” so if you have old technology that needs to be picked up (old printers, desktops, etc.), you will also need to help get the equipment staged.

a. Starting Friday afternoon, please bring this old technology to the KIVA. You must separate and sort the technology (monitors in one area, CPUs in another…). We need to keep the pile neat and orderly due to fire code. All technology needs to be brought by Tuesday. If it is not put in the KIVA by Tuesday, you will be responsible for keeping it until we have another pick up.

I appreciate everyone’s help to make sure our inventory audit goes smoothly and all technology is accounted for. If you have any questions, you know where to find me! ;)

Goal Setting

Staff required to compete goal setting will receive a link to a sign up genius from your appraiser within the next few days. The AP's reviewed the GSG with everyone at the last grade level meeting. You will have 2 goals, and all of this should be ready when you come to your meeting.

To access your GSPD (Goal Setting and Professional-Development Plan) from the end-of-year conference, use this link

If you are starting from scratch with your GSPD, use this link

For directions to set your GSG, use this link


Please help us by reminding parents about this change below. As you meet with parents at conferences, please ask them to consider stopping by the front office to scan their license if they have not already done so. This will allow us to pre-print name tags for special events, and it will save them time.

Changes with visitors this year: Parents are still encouraged to attend; however, they must register to have a pre-printed name tag. All others will have to scan their license that morning. We are asking for your help to remind parents to register and to scan their driver's license when they attend their parent conference. We want to get as many parents' licenses scanned prior to the event to help them avoid the long lines that day. All parents will pick up their nametag and walk through the school to attend. Anyone without a Boosterthon visitor sticker will be asked to report to the front office.

Thank you for all of your support with Boosterthon. We will wear our Boosterthon shirts on Friday!

Boostherthon Fun Run Schedule

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More PD from Seesaw!

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Whether you are new to Seesaw or you have been using it this year, here is a link to more PD that can be done in your PJ's. The link below will take you to the registration, which is free.

If you are new to Seesaw, online PD is on the following dates:

PK-2: October 3 @ 7:30 pm OR Oct. 17 @ 7:30 pm

3-5: October 2 @ 7:00 pm OR Oct. 18 @ 7:30 pm

For additional tips and ideas:

Oct. 17 @ 6:30 pm

Oct. 23 @ 8:15 pm

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Thank you to everyone who took time to either visit another classroom or to host visitors in their room. This past week, Mrs. Kubis, Ms. Judson, and Mrs. Quisenberry took a risk and invited others to visit. Several teachers took the opportunity to visit. Please ask if you need coverage. This is a great opportunity for us to engage with your students, and it is a great way for you to learn something new and relevant.

As a reminder: If you have something you think your colleagues might be interested in observing, please sign up on the board outside of the lounge. Here are some helpful hints for those willing to welcome others into your classroom:

  • Post the specific time that you are open to visitors.
  • It does not need to be something tech-savvy.
  • Post a brief description, your name, and room number.

Helpful hints for those wishing to observe:

  • Pop in for the whole time or part of the time.
  • If it is not during your planning, talk to an AP, IS, or Kelly about covering your classroom.
  • Enjoy this learning time.

For those who host and observe, you will receive tickets to be used in a drawing for a t-shirt to wear on Wednesdays with jeans. Even better is the learning that you'll take away!
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Calendar Updates (October)-Bolded items are new this week

Wednesday, 10/10

  • Chess club does NOT meet

Friday, 10/12

  • Treats provided by Paras, AB & SPED

Monday, 10/15

  • Gerletti at Vertical Team Lunch with Dr. Henry (11-12:30)
  • Gerletti meets with district personnel about safety and security procedures at Robison (1:15)

Wednesday, 10/17

  • Chess club meets at 7:45

Thursday, 10/18

  • Moran @ Tech Liaison Mtg. (4:30)

Friday, 10/19

  • Flu shots for students (turn in registration forms to Joyce as soon as you receive them)

Wednesday, 10/24

  • Data Meeting for 4th Writing Teachers (8:50-11:50)
  • Data Meeting for 4th & 5th Science Teachers (12:30-3:30)
  • Chess Club meets at 7:45
  • LA Vertical Team Meeting (4:30 pm)-rescheduled from 10/2

Thursday, 10/25

  • Appy Hour from our Tech Team (am and pm)
  • Mod Pizza Night for Robison

Friday, 10/26

  • PBIS School Store during lunches (more information coming)

Tuesday, 10/30

  • Appy Hour from our Tech Team (am and pm)

Wednesday, 10/31

  • Chess Club meets at 7:45

Parent Conference Day Reminders

  • Dress for Parent Conference Day is professional.
  • Lunch will be provided (Pizza ordered with salad and desserts made by A-team.) A sign-up sheet will be provided for lunchtimes (either 11:30 or 12:30).
  • Time slots for conferences should be 30 minutes. This allows for a 25-minute conference with a 5-minute buffer time between conferences. Many parents have taken off from work and we don't want them to feel rushed with back-to-back 15-minute conferences.
  • If you've already had a parent conference for a student on an action plan, please share with the parent that they will not have a conference scheduled again at this time. It is possible that they'll need a conference mid-year to share the progress they've made.
  • This is a time for parents to share information with you, just as much as you'll be sharing information with them. Plan for time that they can share too.
  • Start the conference off with the strengths of the student. Be sincere. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with parents.
  • What can you tell parents that they do not already know or that they can't locate through the Home Access Center?
  • If a child is really struggling in one particular class, consider having that teacher be available for the conference or offer an additional conference time.

More information will be shared as we approach the official Parent Conference Day.

CTE Assignment #2 is due on Sunday, Oct. 14

Campus Time Equivalency

If you have not already joined the Google Classroom for your CTE book study, please do so this week. Assignments will begin next week for both book studies.

Class Codes:

Kids Deserve It: yisek4h

Blended Learning in Action: 7won14

Staff Dress for the Week

You may wear jeans when participating in our College Week Dress Up Days

Monday- Professional Dress

Tuesday-"Teaming Up for College"--wear a team shirt

Wednesday-"Our Future is Bright"-wear neon and sunglasses

Thursday-"I am Crazy About College"--crazy hair

Friday-Boosterthon Shirts with appropriate length shorts (if participating in the run) or jeans.

2018-2019 Master Calendar

You will receive a paper copy of this. Please make sure to check the Staff Update each week for any changes.