Air Pollution in China

By Jared Harvey

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is the introduction to the air of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects

Facts about China's Air Pollution and Why it is so bad

- China Burns nearly half of the Worlds Coal

- The maximum micrograms of pollution is meant to be 10 but in Harbin in china it topped 1000 micrograms

- Beijing had 2589 deaths from the air pollution in 2012

- Beijing lost 328 million dollars in economic costs in 2012 because of the air pollution

- Even though most PM2.5 is pumped out of factories a large amount of it also comes out of cars and home heating systems

- 500000 people die every year in china from air pollution

- PM2.5 Levels are 25times higher in winter then in Summer

Natural and Human causes of Air Pollution in China

There are many Natural and Human causes of the massive amounts of air pollution in China but i am only going to be going into depth with a few.

A natural cause of air pollution in China is a volcanic eruption and the smoke and ash covering the sky. The way that the volcanic ash effects humans,animals and other living organisms is by if a human breathes it in they can get skin irritation, difficulty breathing and increasing the severity of already exsisting respiratory conditions.

A physical cause of air pollution in China is the burning of coal in factories all throughout of China and mostly in Beijing. The effects of air pollution in China include acid rain, smog and

Toxic Pollution. The problems with these effects are that if you get smog and toxic pollution in the air that people breathe is that it raises many health risks which I will be explains shortly but also it raises the pm2.5 levels causes the area to be very hard to live in.

This is just a few examples of physical and natural causes of air pollution in China.

Health Risks From China's Air Pollution

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What can China do to prevent more Air Pollution

- People can be smarter when commuting and could instead of driving maybe walk or bike to their work.

- Save as much energy as you can by turning off all electronic appliances when you aren't using them

- Use environmentally friendly products that dont use environment damaging chemicals

- Reduce the amount of coal we burn and use a better source of energy and power source that is renewable.

- China can move its factories away from the major cities so that it is still a country that can be safely lived in by humans

How is chinas Pollution effecting the worlds weather

Air pollution in China is a very serious matter but It doesn't just effect China it also affects everyone else in the world because it affects the weather quite heavily, I am going to be explaining how in he next couple of paragraphs.

The air pollution in China affects the weather because in winter some of the coal emissions go into the atmosphere and go into the jet streams. This causes the pollution and smog to go all around the world and most of the time it goes into the Pacific Ocean where a lot of wind storms and cyclones are created and with the smog and ash going into the air it just makes matters worse.

Another way that the weather is effected by the air pollution in China is that it is making Americas climate more erratic. There is proof of this because the smog that comes from China goes into the Pacific Ocean changing the weather patterns that go over China affecting its climate which can be very bad in the long run.

Chinas air pollution. Also affects the worlds weather because the air pollution causes Asia to have acid rain instead of having normal rain. Acid rain is created by factories emitting fumes and hazardous fumes and they evaporate into the sky and it turns into acid rain because the chemicals in the air are to dangerous.

This is just a few ways that chinas air pollution affects the weather


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