nullifaction crisis 1832

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nullifaction crisis

this is a picture of andrew jackson talking about the nullifaction crisis in his presidency . this was created by south carolina's 1832 ordinance of nullifacation

jacksons presidency under nullification crisis

Jackson’s supporters, angry over John Quincy Adams’ win in the 1824 election, strategized to sabotage his presidency. They pushed a proposal through Congress that would raise tariffs significantly on manufactured items such as wool and textiles. They hoped to push this tariff through to embarrass Adams and his administration and to assist Jackson in getting elected in 1828. ( a tariff is a tax or duty put on to a certain class for example middle class )

how the nullifaction crisis begane

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The Governor of South Carolina bought buttons like this one as a symbol of defiance to the U.S. government. and if you had one of these buttons you could be arested on site because you were causing treson against the law
Andrew Jackson and the Nullification Crisis


the time that this was going on was 1828-1832 but when it really got big was 1832. the frist tariff was past in 1828 but the seconed one that affected the people more happend in 1832. this tariff was putting a tax on imported goods from farmers and stuff witch pretty much killed any income the farmers would gain