The Pepperoni Post

November Edition

Executive Update

November proved to be another uptick month for us, as seen by our increase in partners and customers. As you all know, we are expanding our team and are very happy with our new hires so far. Christian (data analytics), Nick (accounting), Giggi (office management), Leeor (customer success) all joined the team in New York. In Macedonia, we added Angie 2.0 (account managament) and Kurt, Jeff, Bob, and Amanda all in customer service.

Our first All-Hands meeting proved to be a success, and we look forward to having many more. Keep up the good work as we head into the new year!

Sales Update

During the month of Novemeber…

· We added 408 new partners, our best performing month in company history!

· 11/18 was our best sales day in company history, with 39 sales amongst the team

· Total sales calls: 10,842 (w.o.w.)

· Jimmy & Eddie improved sales by 50% from the previous 2 months (nice job, guys!)

· We have 61 Mountain Mike’s locations (out of 160 total) à close to 40%

· Largest market share increases by state: GA (7à12%), CT (15à19%), IL (14-18%), CA (25à 28%)