Gomper's 12 Days of Holiday Fun...

2019 Admin TurnUp Committee: Monica, Shiela & Damita

Dear Team Gompers

OMG...It's time for the Holidays and of course, I am soooooooo excited to "Tis the Season".

But most importantly "Admin TurnUp Committee" wants to show our gratitude and thanks for being such an amazing staff!

We hope you enjoy your 12 days of Holiday Fun!! because ..........


Happpppy Holiday Cheer!

Ps...Click the embedded link for Student/Classrooms to join in on the fun:


Dr. Miller is.....McElfie the Elfie

Santa's little helper has finally arrived....She is here to be the Jolly Man's ears and his eyes

Each day she will be hidden somewhere around ..Only being alert will cause her to be found.

Our little elf is not confined to a shelf...But wherever she is found, take a photo with yourself

Then whisk her away to a new spot to hide....The challenge starts again, at the turn of the tide.

Of course there are rules to keep it all fair....For example, your finds can't come in a pair

Your selfies must be sent to the person in charge (Ms. Connie in the office)....This will serve as your entry for prizes at large.

Special holiday treats abound for the selfies you take and submit!!

Soooo have some fun, in spite of yourself and take a selfie with Dr. Miller as McElfie the Elf!

All selfies are due by 7:30 am on December 17th to Ms. Connie(office)

Calendar of Events......


Go Ho Ho Ho Ho Home and Enjoy your Holiday.

We appreciate everything you do for the students here everyday!

Staff released when students leave the building!!!