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Wow…what another great weekend. Thanks to Lauren, Morgan, Kayla, Chelsea, and Tamsen for giving up their Saturday to coach our students to victory. Our students won the Spirit Award and placed 2nd in the Science Olympiad competition.

Let’s do our best to “keep the boat floating” until Thursday at 3:00. Please remind your students of our expectations for their behavior.

Please continue to spread out when on the playground so that all students can be adequately supervised. This is the time of the year when we have the most accidents on the playground.

Shawn delivered an excellent staff development last week. We look forward to seeing great growth as a result of her training. Remember to write down your questions so you can make sure you are hitting the highest levels of critical thinking and problem solving.

Please let us know if you need us to call any of your parents regarding their child’s academic performance. Please refer any students you have concerns about to our MTSS team.

Please secure your classrooms for the spring break week. Please lower and close all blinds, clean out all refrigerators and student desks and take all valuables home with you. Please make sure all iPads are in a secure location. Please bring these to the Media Center if you have no secure storage space. Please do not leave any laptops out.

Penny Ferrell is very sick and may be out for a few more days. Please see Juley if you have any questions about your upcoming displays.

I am attending a training through NCSU on Tuesday afternoon and am at a conference on Thursday---originally planned b/c it was a workday. Please let me know if you need me for anything.

Upcoming Events


March 21

  • 5th Grade Writer in Residence
  • Math Bee 1 & 2

March 22

  • Childcare Network visits K classes
  • Math Bee 3-5

March 23

  • 2nd Field Trip Chick-Fil-A & NCSU
  • End of Quarter
  • Happy birthday, Deidra & Morgan Abbott!
  • SIP Meeting
  • Dr. Manzo on campus

March 24

  • Dr. Manzo on campus

March 25

  • No School
  • Happy birthday, Tamsen!


Spring Break!

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