Mrs. Edelmon's Class News

September 1, 2013


Welcome back students and parents! We had a wonderful first week back to school. The children are learning the rules and procedures of first grade and being a SMART Panther. We are making class books about responsibility, self-control, and respect. When finished, these books will be placed in our classroom library. These three qualities will also be the basis of our " Happy Visits" to Mr. Symank. Once a week, one student who demonstrates one of these qualities from each first grade class will go with Mr. Symank to be honored for being a role model student.

Thank you for your time in coming to our Parent Orientation on Tuesday evening. There was a discrepancy in the day of our Monthly Birthday Celebration. To clarify, the third Friday will be the day to celebrate our monthly birthdays. Also, curriculum information can be found at Click on the curriculum tab, and you will find information on language arts, reading, math, and science. If you have any questions, please let me know. I also will be contacting parents about signing up for Parent Conferences on Monday, October 14th.

**Our lunch time has changed from 11:09 to 11:06 due to the addition of our new first grade class.

Reader's Workshop

We use the workshop model for reading and writing in first grade. In Reader's Workshop this week, we will be learning how to move quickly from our desks to our meeting area to listen to a mini lesson. The children will listen to a story, be given an independent task (independent reading), and gather again to share information about the given task. We will also learn how to listen when someone is sharing information and how to read quietly during independent reading. Our goal during independent reading is to increase stamina (the length of time) the students can read independently.

Writer's Workshop

During Writer's Workshop, the children will be working on drawing pictures of their ideas and then writing about the picture. I explain to the children, that writing about your idea is like picturing a movie in your brain about the idea and writing all the events that happen down on paper. As far as spelling words that they are writing, I teach the children to "turtle talk" the word. In other words, they say the word being written very slowly and write the letter down of the sound heard as they say the word very slowly. For example, for the word "dog", they would slowly say " /d/ /o/ /g/ " and write the corresponding letter as each sound is said. In Writer's Workshop, I will model writing by using my own ideas and stories, writing stories with the class, and using literature to demonstrate how different author's write.

Science / Social Studies

In first grade, we integrate our science and social studies into our Reader's and Writer's workshops and Math. Science and Social Studies are taught using critical learning experiences and are project based. When studying a topic in these core subject areas, we usually create a project that allows the children to demonstrate their complete understanding of the topic. Examples of projects are lap books, flip books, class books, and posters. For our first Social Studies unit, we will be learning about citizenship - learning about rules and laws in school and our community.


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