Blobsters survived on a diet of cockroaches and slater bugs.


The Blobsters weren't very big creatures. The average blobster was 30cm tall and 20cm wide. The largest one ever seen was 45 cm tall and a whopping 30cm wide.


The Blobsters were very slow creatures, their maximum speed was 3 metres per hour.


Blobsters were very jelly like, they have no skeleton. They have two dark eyes, one big nose and a down turned mouth that can suck in bugs. They come in various colours.


The Blobsters gave off a sweet smell which would attract their prey. When the bugs get close enough they suck them in with their suction mouths.


Blobsters used to roam freely in the rainforrests however they slowly moved to areas where people lived in towns and cities to follow their prey.


Blobsters are very friendly, sleepy creatures. They laze about for 90% of the day and sleep all night.


Blobsters roamed the earth in huge numbers until the 1800's, in these times there was an abundance of rain forrests and there for a lot of food for the blobsters.

In 1912 a man named George Bostik discovered that Blobsters bacame very sticky when heated up, this discovery led him to invent the first ever glue stick using Blobsters. Unfortunately this scientific discovery led to the Blobsters dying out within 30 years.


The blobster ........