Andrew Jackson and the Natives


Worcester v. Georgia

People wanted Native American land, but to move there, you needed a permit. Some people moved there without one, so the Cherokee sued in court. The Supreme court ruled in favor of the Cherokee saying that they were their own nation. Jackson ignores this ruling though.

Indian Removal Act

Before Jackson ignored the Worcester v. Georgia ruling, he was getting Congress to pass the Indian Removal Act. They passed it, and Jackson signed it into law. It said the Natives had two years to leave peacefully before being forced out. Most of the natives stayed until the two year deadline though.

"Trail of Tears"

When the two year deadline was over, soldiers came and forced the Natives out. They started their march to Oklahoma. As many as 4,000 died out of 16,000 from the 850 mile walk. Once the natives got there, they started to rebuild their homes.

From a Cherokee

We won the Worcester v. Georgia case. Why did Jackson ignore it? Also, what happened to the Northwest territories. Americans can use that land instead of ours. Do they even now how many of us they killed?

From a Southerner

Finally, someone got rid of those Natives. That ruling was dumb, good thing Jackson didn't listen. They wouldn't have lost so many people if they left before the deadline. Besides, we needed that land for its gold.
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Political Cartoon

This cartoon shows the white males tying down a big Cherokee Indian. This shows how the government limited the abilities of the Cherokee and eventually get rid of them.