Weekly Wellness Minute

because self-care is rad!

Note from Sara

Hello Everyone!

I’m super excited to get this self-care weekly newsletter off the ground. I hope that as you get this in your inbox every week that you are reminded how important it is to love yourself. In these short little newsletters, I’ll include suggested events for self-care, positive thoughts and a challenge for the week. As our journey moves forward, I may also longer articles, youtube videos and such as tools to make self-care a priority. Partnered with this newsletter is also a weekly CENTERING moment at the KCPC. These 30 minute moments will be an extra space to be mindful of how we are taking care of ourselves. Tomorrow at noon, we will begin working on our self-care plan! -Sara

Food For Thought and Reflection

Weekly Wellness Calendar

Wednesday- Tai chi 12:00-12:45 at the Vanderbilt Rec. Center

Thursday- Music at the Frist ft. Contrarian Ensemble 6:00PM

Friday- VDS Dance-a-thon 7:00PM-12:00AM


Saturday- Yoga for Healing 1:00PM-3:00PM


Monday- The Power of Nice:How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins- Especially You 4:00PM


Tuesday- Pilates 4:30PM


Esperanza Spalding - "Cinnamon Tree" (2012)

About Me

I'm Sara. I am in Vanderbilt's Divinity School and at Peabody College studying a combination of theology and community development. Self-care is really important to me because I think it allows us to be more well people. Ask me questions. Meet with me. Visit me at the K.C. Potter center where I work as a graduate student worker.