3A in Action

March 7, 2014

A Special Buddy Activity...

Our Dr. Seuss Café

by Emma & Emerson

Oh my gosh, this book really rhymes, who makes these rhyming books? Oh yeah, I remember, Dr. Seuss. He likes to “rhyme” all the “time”. This week we had a Dr. Seuss Café with our kindergarten buddies. Our buddies chose a Dr. Seuss book from a reading menu, and we read to them. There were balloons, pretzels, streamers and we wore aprons with our Dr. Seuss hats that we made. Brynn said, “It was fun to read with my buddies.” Sam said, “I liked the hats we wore while we were reading.” Lastly, Lilliana said, “It was great to read to someone younger.” We also made hat crafts and coloring with our kindergarten friends. That is why we had fun in our Dr. Seuss Café.

Dr. Seuss Cafe Pictures

Social Studies

Historic Haddonfield

By Jack H. and Jack C.

Did you know 300 years ago Haddonfield was just a big flat piece of land that was discovered by just four Quakers? Joseph Cooper, John Haddon, Elizabeth Haddon, and John Estaugh were the Quakers. This is what some people said about Social Studies. Emerson said, “I liked learning about all the jobs back then and about Elizabeth Haddon.” Emma said, “I liked learning about Elizabeth and John Haddon.” Nolan said, “It was mega awesome.” Finally, Beckett said, “It was interesting learning about Haddonfield where I live!” Everybody liked learning about the history of our borough, Haddonfield. I hope all the teachers, kids and parents like our blog about our borough, and Haddonfield’s history!


Writing: Hooks and Introductions

By Olivia, Brynn, & Parker

Do you know what 3A did in writing this week? Well we wrote introductions to our information stories! An introduction is when you write a gigantic hook at the beginning of your writing.

We asked some of our friends what they think about writing introductions. Lily thought that writing the introductions were fun. Lilliana liked coming up with a play on words at the end of a chapter. For example, a book about swimming might say “Let’s dive more into this book to learn more about swimming!” Emma explained, “It was cool to not rush into.” Mrs. Adams told us, “It was fun to come up with riddles and good hooks using questions and our five senses.” Finally, Asher announced, “It was pretty neat to come up with good introductions.”

Introductions begin music, speeches, or books. We hope you like learning about introductions.


Reading: An Email to Judy Moody

By: Juliana and Sofia

Click, click, click. This week we wrote an email to Judy Moody from the story Judy Moody and the Mr. Rubbish Mood. We got a piece of paper with a computer on it. We had to answer this question, “Saving the world isn’t an easy job. Imagine you are Judy Moody’s friend. What advice would you give Judy about her plans to protect the environment?”

We asked some of our classmates about this activity. Lily remarked, “I think it was really fun, but then it got even more fun when I started to color.” Beckett also remarked, “I thought it was fun because one of our ideas could come into one of the future Judy Moody books.” Maybe one day we can really email Judy Moody, but then again she is just a character.