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Third Grade Edition 2014-15

LMSVSD - Welcome Back Third Grade Teachers!

This newsletter is written specifically for you -- the Third Grade teacher. I've gathered all the information that is pertinent to you to have in one place. I hope you will bookmark this newsletter or print it out to keep for future reference.

District Resource Teacher Directory:

Assessment - Tracy Olander x6370

BTSA (Regular Ed) - Leah Saunders x6403

BTSA (Special Ed) - Brooke Noble x6420

Cross Curricular CCSS - Ani Asaro x6427

Cross Curricular CCSS - Kristin Gentile x6398

English Learners - Linda Michaud x6306

Language Arts (Elementary) - Tammie Babbitt x6357

Math Resource - Beth Rackliffe x6304

Media Services - Janice Gilmore x6465

Technology - Noelle Suffield x6359

If you need Focus wall materials - contact Nancy Steiger x6387

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Science AND History/Social Science

Pearson's new Online Learning Exchange (OLE) was launched this Fall. This is the new digital path to access all of your Scott Foresman programs. You can activate your account here

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Find time for these five lessons in 2014-15

Relationships & Communication / Self-image & Identity

Rings of Responsibility

Students explore what it means to be responsible to and respectful of their offline and online communities as a way to learn how to be good digital citizens.

Privacy & Security / Information Literacy

Private and Personal Information

How can you protect yourself from online identity theft? Students think critically about the information they share online.

Internet Safety / Cyberbullying

The Power of Words

Students consider that they may get online messages from other kids that can make them feel angry, hurt, sad, or fearful. Students identify actions that will make them Upstanders in the face of cyberbullying.

Information Literacy

The Key to Keywords

Students learn strategies to increase the accuracy of their keyword searches and make inferences about the effectiveness of the strategies.

Creative Credit & Copyright / Information Literacy

Whose Is It, Anyway?

Students learn that copying the work of others and presenting it as one’s own is called plagiarism. They also learn about when and how it's ok to use the work of others.

Assess their understanding with this online tool once the five lessons are completed


How to use Destiny

Access Destiny from home or work to reserve videos, DVDs, art prints, or core literature.

Quick start instructions for using Destiny.

Three resources for you

Classroom Libraries

Many teachers like to purchase books for their classrooms that will serve as a mini-library right in their room. These books might be purchased with Scholastic Book Club points, at garage sales, or through discount online sites like Sometimes parents offer to purchase books for your classroom. Here are some recommendations for nonfiction books that align to STEM.

Reading levels listed provided by publishers.


A Crash Course in Forces and Motion with Max Axiom, Super Scientist by Emily Sohn 630L

Animal Homes by Angela Wilkes RL 3.0

Baby Animals … by Bobbie Kalman RL 2.4-4.4 (5 books in series)

The Eagles are Back by Jean Craighead George RL 3.2

Fearsome Forces of Nature by Anita Ganeri RL 3.7How the Meteorite Got to Museum by Jessie Hartland RL 3.5

Harsh Habitats by Anita Ganeri RL 3.8

The Tarantula Scientist by Sy Montgomery 890L RL U

Water by Ellen Lawrence RL 3.3

What are you Figuring Now? A Story About Benjamin Banneker by Jeri Ferris 910L RL R

What Lily Gets From Bee: And Other Pollination Facts by Ellen Lawrence RL 3.8


Cars on Mars by Alexandra Siy 1240L RL Z

The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle by Don Wulffson 1080L

Philo Farnsworth and the Television by Ellen Sturm Niz 560L

Robot Voyagers by David Jefferis RL Q


The Bionic Hand by Adam Woog 850L RL U

Miraculous Medicines by Helene Boudreau 830L RL Q

Record Breakers: The Biggest by Thea Feldman RLM

Technology: Feats and Failures by Stephanie Paris 660L RL S

Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions by Don Wulffson 950L


7 X 9 = Trouble by Caludia Mills 590L

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neuschwander 510L RL Q

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Real reading

3rd grade students should be exposed to newspapers.

It's free! And you can print from it or show it on your big screen.

Union-Tribune NIE

Math Library Books

Don’t forget your school library has the following titles that align with your Everyday Math curriculum. Many of these titles are on the Math Resource shelf and aren’t allowed to circulate to students. As this is the last year of this math adoption these books will be integrated into the main collection in June 2015.

Wait ... there's more!

Reading Level Assessments

Is it time to start those running records again? There have been changes to the reading level assessments. If you happen to lose one of the reading record forms, student reading sheets, or the chart of levels and list of books, the entire package has been scanned and you can download all or part of it as a PDF.

District Website

The district website should be frequently used by all teachers. We are trying to put everything there, so that is the first place to start.

Here is a link to the 3rd grade resources

You'll need to login as staff with the password info411.

Janice Gilmore-See

This newsletter is written especially for you by the District Librarian. Please contact us at Instructional Media Services (IMS) with questions or concerns.