Tips on how to Set up HID XENON Headlight Ballasts and Bulbs in Most Vehicles



QTY: two Ballast w/wiring

QTY: two HID Lights w/wiring

QTY: two Mounting Hardware


1. Turn off the car to eliminate the power provide to prevent any shock or injury. Disconnect battery to additional steer clear of shock.

two. Open the hood and ensure that headlights and surrounding operate location under the hood are cool and safe to function about.

3. Eliminate the headlight assembly or take away any parts that interfere with unplugging the bulb so you've got simple access to the rear on the headlight assembly.

four. Unplug the present halogen bulb and get rid of in the headlight assembly. Spend attention to where the red and black wires are for the existing energy supply/plug. You might make use of the same plug in for your HID bulbs. The headlight assembly may possibly have a latch that holds the bulb in or they might screw out about a ¼ turn counter clockwise so make sure you don't break the headlight assembly when removing.

5. Meticulously take away the plastic cover safeguarding the HID bulb. Usually do not TOUCH THE GLASS Part of THE BULB WITH ANY SURFACE Especially YOU HANDS. Take your HID bulb and insert it in to the TunersDepot. Ensure you latch in the HID bulb or screw it ¼ turn clockwise to secure it in place where the original halogen bulb was.

REMINDER WARNING: Pay close attention in the course of installation. Usually do not touch the glass part of the bulbs to any surface including your fingers throughout installation as you can run the risk of damaging the bulb. Wearing gloves is advised in the course of installation. In the event the bulb is touched with the fingers you may use some rubbing alcohol in addition to a clean cloth to remove any spots or blotches on the bulb.

six. Just after installation with the HID bulb in to the headlight assembly set up the headlight assembly back into its original position around the vehicle or move for the subsequent step in the event the headlight assembly was in no way removed.

7. All power plugs include weather seals and are created to plug in a single way for ease of installation. Start out by plugging everything collectively and getting a secure location to place the ballast.

8. After all the weather seal plug wires are plugged into each other you may use the wires coming from the HID bulb to plug them in to the headlight assembly's original energy supply/plug. You'll need to plug the red and black wire in to the very same spot on the original power supply/plug for the headlight assembly.

9. After the HID lights are plugged into the original power provide you'll be able to restore power for the car. Uncover a secure spot to fasten the ballast beneath the hood. You could use zip ties, screws and bracket or some Velcro. Try to spot the ballast inside a dry spot as to not expose it to much more weather than is necessary. Retain it as far away from the engine to avoid overheating the ballast and damaging it.

ten. Turn around the headlights. If they turn on then you definitely are performed and you can finish by reinstalling the headlight assembly or any parts that could happen to be removed for installation.

11. If your headlights never turn you have to turn off the energy supply to the automobile and switch the plugs in the HID into various power slots around the original power supply/plug. Try once more until they turn on.


1. We recommend that a professional technician or shop install these HID lights.

2. Wear gloves in the course of installation to protect your hands.

3. Ensure that the HID bulb doesn't come into contact with any surface including your fingers.

four. When installing and adjusting the HID bulb within the headlight assembly be positive the bulb isn't touching the inner shield (if applicable) make sure to leave a 4-6mm gap.

five. Make sure you check all connections for the duration of and immediately after installation to ensure a proper connection. Check the energy supply and make sure it is correct. A wrong connection using the HID light for the original power source will maintain them from turning on.

six. Be certain that all wires and connections are free of any high tension. In the event the wires are pulled too tight they will age prematurely.

7. Ensure to discover a safe and safe spot for the ballast that is as far away from any climate as possible. Also preserve it as far away from the engine to prevent any overheating in the ballast which will cause malfunctions and possibly permanent damage.

eight. Do not touch the bulbs just after turning them on. They get very hot. If service is required on the bulbs allow 20-30 minutes for the bulbs to cool down.

9. Usually do not stare at the light emitted from the HID light.

10. Please note that HID kits are for off road and exhibition use only and are not street legal. Original equipment HID bulbs must be replaced with identical specification as required in your owners manual to maintain DOT standards. Please review and observe all laws when using, installing, or purchasing HID kits.