The Federalist and Democratic Party

Want to know about the Federlists and Democratic Party

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Leader-Alex H.

best form of Government-strrong national govern,and wealthy,educated men

Ideal Economy-manufacturing industry and trade(north)

The creation of the National Bank-supported it

Interperting the Constitution-broad,loose,interpretation

French/Britian Alliance?

British because they are their biggest trade partner

Issues of the Federalists

bill of rights-against.state costitution gave their own bill of rights

strong central government

Favored Document-constitution


Leader-Thomas Jefferson

Best form of Government-small fed govern,states power,and everday people

Ideal Economy-farming,argiculture(south)

The creation of the National Bank-Opposes it

Interpreting the Costitution-stricked interpretation

French/British Alliance?

French because they gave the government money for the war

Issues of the Democratic

reduce and control crime

health care

laws and policies on guns