Honey, Where is the Honey?

What is happening to the bees?

Project Based Learning in the Third Grade Classroom

Negley third grade students are investigating possible causes of a decrease in the bee population. Jada Green, a lifelong learner and friend of Mrs. Rodriguez, has asked for our help in order to assist her hives. Students will research colony collapse disorder and report back to Jada through many multimedia projects.

What is Project Based Learning?

What is Project Based Learning PBL?
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We will have a closed facebook group for parents and family to view our learning.

Entry Event

Students will view a video from Jada Green and be introduced to the guiding question. What is causing a decline in the bee population? How can we help Mrs. Green and encourage others and help? They will be introduced to the final product options.

Students will state what they know about honey bees and develop thoughtful questions in teams that we may need to ask Mrs. Green about honey bees. In addition, they will create a list questions we need to research and ask experts in order to help find an answer for our new beekeeper (apiarist) friend.

Jada Green - Bee keeper

Why Are Bees Important?

NATURE | Silence Of The Bees | Online Exclusive | PBS

Throughout the Process

Third grade scientists will be communicating with Jada Green, enlisting the help from experts, researching honey bees, and creating projects to communicate their learning.
NATURE | Silence of the Bees | Preview | PBS

This Mite Bee a Reason


Final Products - Saving the Bees

Students will share their final products with Mrs. Green. Some of our products may possibly be shared on her web page.
NATURE | Silence of the Bees | Inside the Hive | PBS
NATURE | Silence of the Bees | The Importance of Bees | PBS

Negley Goes Green Science Night

Thursday, April 30th, 6pm

Negley Elementary

Come see an expo of our process and projects at the annual Negley Goes Green Science Night.