Friday, October 2nd, 2020

Principal Kate's Corner

Dear BFPP Families,

I have to start with an honest opinion and observation, BFPP is amazing. I loved watching families come this week to pick up materials and laptops and to see their enthusiasm. I hear it in conversations via Zoom and in feedback from teachers. In general, we are excited about learning and this journey of home learning. You have made a choice that I believe at my core is the best choice. There is so little we have control of but the one thing we all can do is focus on the people we love and love 'em up. Focus on your family, focus on your relationships; I guarantee at the end of all this, you won’t regret it.

Looking back over all of this “unprecedented” time I want to say I found ways to be: really be with my family, be with myself and be in community in ways that I wasn’t able to before. I want to be in this world with purpose and clarity to find joy in the simple things like stopping and listening to the birds, spending five extra minutes in a conversation, and really honoring the people, place and time in which I find myself. We have an opportunity to reconstitute the “have to” and “musts”. Find the core, find the peace, find you, find family.

With love, k

Wednesday Pick Up Days

Materials pick up at BFPP on Wednesdays from 9-12noon:

9-10am Student last names of A-G

10-11am Student last names of H-M

11-12noon Student last names of N-Z

4:30-5:30pm For those unable to come to the morning times

You don't need to come each week. You will be contacted when you have materials to pick up. This may include laptops/tech needs, library holds, school supplies, curriculum you've requested, or kits/supplies for remote classes. Thank you for your patience!

Our address is 1409 18th Street in the Larrabee building. We don’t have a parking lot to pull into, so please pull along side the south end of the building on Larrabee, then turn right on 18th street which runs along the front of the school. The parking strip is the staging area.

Stay in your cars! A staff member will come to you, retrieve the materials and bring them back to your car. Please be ready to let them know what you are picking up (such as curriculum, tech, school supplies or class kit).

Caring Connections ~ Conversations with Erica

In baseball it’s called “a slump.”

Brené Brown calls it the “messy middle” or “day two.”

Maybe you call it “the skids” or “dog days” or sometimes even “rock bottom.”

Whatever you call it we all know this phase in our process, don’t we? The joy and anticipation of new beginnings is behind us, the end is very, very far away and the realities and expectations of our choices sets in. Even if we love our reality, even if the choice we are in is one of great desire and hope, we will all still hit this it part of any process.

So what do we do during this “it” part of our process?

Well, first of all, we don’t do anything, at least nothing drastic. When we are in this “it” state of mind, our brains are often unable to make good decisions on our behalf. Fear thinking sets in and disrupts every rational thought we may have ever had.

Fear thinking may say, “Why did I ever think I could homeschool my kids? Just quit.”

Fear thinking may say, “Who am I to ever think I could teach my kids? Let someone else do it.”

Fear thinking may say, “I was so stupid to try this curriculum. Throw it out and start all over.”

Fear thinking may say, “I will NEVER get this right. It will ALWAYS be difficult. Give up right now.”

Instead of doing we can simply:

· Name the feelings. You might say, “I am feeling insecure, or frustrated or disappointed about the way things are going right now. Sometimes simply naming a feeling is enough to get out of fear thinking. Mood Meter and Feelings Chart

· Do “the things.” The things are those practices that help bring you back to balance. Walks, water, nature hikes, talks with good people, exercise, art, music….. “the things” help bring our rational brain back into balance so we can make decisions which are good for us.

· Check your thinking. Reach out to someone you trust who is not personally invested in your situation and run your thoughts by them. Often people outside of our situation can give us the insight we need to move ahead. At BFPP this could be your Learning Plan Partner, a trusted community member or me, your school counselor. The goal is to find someone who will not feed your fear thinking.

· Breathe and wait for the fear to pass. Once the slump has slowed, or the messy middle starts to feel a little less chaotic you may decide to make changes. Sometimes change really is necessary but you will feel much better about your choice if you wait and make the decision less from a “slumpy” place and more from a centered and rational place.

No one escapes the “it” part of any process but everyone can navigate it with a bit more ease and grace.

For more information and support please join us for an upcoming Learning Together Workshop called, “Taming the Transitions.”

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Creating Authentic Learning Opportunities

Wednesday, October 7th – 10am-11:30am

Next week kicks off our first extra special Learning Together Workshop. This workshop will feature answers to a question we all ask:“How do I create more authentic learning opportunities for my learner?”

During the workshop you will hear from a group of seasoned home learning panelists.

Each panelist will share:

· Planning tips

· Ideas for getting started

· What they do when they are stuck, bored, losing motivation

· What they’ve learned about creating meaningful, engaging and authentic learning opportunities for their learners

· Plus, they will leave time to answer some of your specific questions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain wisdom and insight from your fellow community members. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 7th from 10-11:30 am. We can’t wait to learn together with you.

RSVP at to receive your Zoom dial in information.

You can also stay informed and find out more information by liking the Facebook page:

*The timing of this meeting coincides with our materials pick up. If you need to do a pick up and your last name begins with H-M, feel free to come to the 9:00, 11:00 or 4:30 pick up period.*

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BFPP Fundraiser @ MOD Pizza

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 22nd! MOD Pizza is donating 20% of sales to BFPP. Takeout and delivery is available! Just mention you're with Bellingham Family Partnership Program when you place your order.

Scholastic Books - Thank you!

A big thank you to all the families who ordered books through Scholastic. Those orders earned more than 60 brand new free books that will be arriving at the BFPP library and available for checkout soon.

Some of our new titles include: The Amulet graphic novel series, Fly Guy series, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Lego phonics readers, Narwhal and Jelly series, and The One and Only Bob.

Our next ordering opportunity will be in November.

Fall Playbook is Here

The City of Bellingham's Fall Playbook (formerly Leisure Guide) is now available, showcasing a variety of in-person and virtual activities for families. Check out the virtual cooking classes with BFPP parent Annalee Dunn of Tiny Onion Cooking School! Other opportunities include skate camp, financial education course for teens, downtown Halloween scavenger hunt, and more.

Bike Safety Rodeo

Immanuel Bible Church is sponsoring a free Bike Safety Rodeo for kids ages 4 to 7 this Saturday, October 3rd, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

The course will be set up in the main parking lot at Immanuel.

Stations will be designed to provide opportunities for kids to improve their bike safety in areas such as: helmet fit check, starting and stopping, how to avoid rocks, points of interaction with traffic, and more. The course is expected to take about an hour.

Helmets are required for riders and masks are mandatory. A parent or guardian needs to accompany their child. Please call or text Sean Jeffrey at 360-961-2483 to sign up and schedule a start time.

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For additional registration assistance in Whatcom County, contact the county auditor at 360-778-5102 or visit

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