One More Addition!

Weekly CSA ~ July 11

Unexpected Peppers

Hello again! After today's CSA newsletter went out, Rachel and the crew came in with their harvest. We were surprised to find there were some Hungarian Wax and Garden Salsa peppers ready to harvest. So you will also have a few of those in your share today - at least enough to toss with your lettuce and arugula for a special salad!

Plenty of Greens

The salad mix of lettuce and arugula will actually be in two separate clam shell containers. The crop was too plentiful to just fit into one! Come ready to carry a heaping helping of produce.

Interesting note ~ while harvesting the arugula, some of our folks noticed the root end smells like peanut butter. Take a sniff and see if you agree. Since arugula is a "peppery" tasting green, we were not expecting a peanutty smell! Nature is pretty interesting and remarkable!