Surveillance & Tracking Technology

Learning how our gov. uses technology to keep us safe.

The technology used everyday.

My reasearch is about how our government uses technology to keep us safe.

Also comparing human technology to our governments

3 parts of technology.

I am focused on 3 things that technology can do.

1. facial recognition.

2. wifi can go threw your phone.

3. technology used to spy on criminals.

picture underneath are in order as the 3 listed numbers are above

DO you Have Questions? Well heres More Information.

All of my informations is focused on 3 things.

i wanted to do research on these 3 things because i looked threw a page and saw these and thought they where interesting,as of result it was quite a bit work but im happy i did it because it is very interesting to find out about the types of technology and technology creations our world has made.

underneath will be all my cites, Thank You. :) ;)