Career Project

By Yi

Future plan

How I picture myself 10-20 years from now is in the military, a rifleman for the marines. By then I would probably be in some 3rd world country, constantly on the move with my team or squad. Back at home I'll have 3 dogs in a small apartment with a room mate or two, taking care of them all when I'm "out for work"

Personality test

I am what you call a picture perfect gold personality. I need to help out on everything I can or I can't ever feel like I belong.

I am also a realistic kind of worker. Meaning I like working out doors or using my hands a lot to get the job done.

I m the type of person who constantly wants a challenge

Job choices


To be 100% honest I don't really have a preference to a college so I chose the Arlington career institute because it's some what close to home and has both a allied health department and an associates