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Homecoming & Make-A-Wish Assembly

Total amount raised for Milo $6,179.00 Thank you for all your support!

Students & Staffulty of the Month

Students & Staffulty of the Month


ACADEMICS: Harlee Brumbelow

ACTIVITIES: Brycen Nelson

ACTS OF SERVICE: Mohammed Sufi

ARTS: Magdalyn Schultz

ATHLETICS: Robyn Reeder

ATTENDANCE: Isaac Blackburn

ATTITUDE: Denise Martinez


STAFFULTY: Amy Ciaccio

Gemtext Recycling Station

Please click link for more information on Recycling Station that also raises money for local schools

Attendance Information


Dear Capital Parents:

With the cooler weather setting in, it's extremely important that you excuse your student if they are not going to attend school. If an absence is unanswered after 48 hours it will turn into a Truancy and your student can have consequences. To report an absence please call 208-854-4493 and leave a message.

If your student is needing to leave campus for any reason, they must have a permit to leave card from the attendance office, if not they are considered Truant. Please call 208-854-4494 and leave a message, because these are time sensitive these calls are given top priority and a permit will be delivered to your student as soon as possible or whatever time it is needed. Parents please give our student assistants some time to get these permits delivered in a timely manner and allow at least a hours notice for appointments. Of course, if a student is sick we will do our best to get them released as soon as we can. Thank you for your help with this!

Any medical/dental/counseling notes are always accepted and can help student attendance so please remember to have your student bring their doctor notes to the attendance office. They can also be faxed at 208-854-4491 ATTENTION:ATTENDANCE OFFICE. The absence will be marked as MD and it will not go against your students absences!

Although I appreciate your phone calls on your students Tardies, Tardies are not excused by a parent phone call. Tardies are only excused by a doctor/dentist visit/or a Permit to leave card. In order for tardies to be excused there must be a documentation from a medical provider. If there is an extenuating circumstance such as bad weather, car accident, etc. those tardies will be excused by Administration.

Please feel free to contact me at 208-854-4493 OR if you have any questions regarding your students attendance and I will return your call or email as soon as I am able. Thank you Capital parents and GO EAGLES!

Career Center Updates and Information


Have you complete the FAFSA yet? Seniors make sure the FAFSA is completed to ensure the possibility of need-based aid. Even if you think your family won’t qualify, completing the FAFSA for the first year will let you know if you are eligible for aid and scholarships from the schools to which your senior is applying.

Please make sure you know when the deadline is for completing the FAFSA, each school has a different deadline. Look on the college’s website or call the financial aid/admission office to find out.

If you are applying to selective schools, check to see if you need to complete the CSS Profile; another financial aid form selective colleges will require for financial aid purposes.

I will be having extended hours (3:30-6:30) on Nov. 7 and Nov. 28 to help any families complete their FAFSA. It will be drop in style, make sure you bring your 2016 tax information.

To encourage completion, if a senior brings in the email that shows they have “submitted” the FAFSA or that it has been “processed,” they will get a $5 Dutch Bros gift card.

This is thanks to Jiffy Lube! For the second year in a row, Capital was the school with the most applications submitted for the “What Drives You?” scholarship. Capital was given $500 with which I bought the Dutch Bros gift cards!

College Application Week:

During the week of Oct. 16-20, seniors participated in Capital’s College Application Week. While staffulty wore alum colors and decorated their doors, seniors where completing a college application. The State Board of Education created the Apply Idaho application which meant that students could complete one application for all the public colleges and universities in the State. Students also requested transcripts and completed the Opportunity Scholarship (if they qualified with a 3.0 GPA and above). At the same time, they were encouraged to begin the FAFSA process.

At this time, Naviance has recorded that we have 83.3% of our seniors who have completed and application. This number will go up as I clean up the transcript requests and applications submitted section on Naviance. Congratulations to all those students!!!

NOTE: If a student used the Apply Idaho application to apply to BSU, UI, ISU or LCSC, they will receive a follow-up email and phone call from those schools, letting them know that they need to follow through with completing a few more parts of that specific college’s application.

Seniors are strongly encouraged to be looking at their personal email account to make sure they are catching any correspondences from their colleges to which they applied!!! This will be especially important when it comes to the financial aid piece of the process!

Application Deadlines:

December 1 is the deadline for some popular schools for Capital students…University of Idaho and BYU, as an example. Please make sure you have your application file complete BEFORE the deadline. A file is complete when the application, transcript, and test scores are submitted. As a priority deadline, University of Idaho and others will also want the FAFSA completed.

Once again, please check with your colleges for deadlines!

Letters of Recommendation:

If letters of recommendation are needed by the schools. It’s important that seniors ask their teachers and/or their counselor at least two weeks prior to the deadline. This gives the teachers and counselors plenty of time to get the letter written and uploaded to the school.


The ASVAB will be given at Capital on Thursday, November 9. This is the military entrance exam and is free to any student who would like to take it. There is no military obligation to take the test. The test will begin at 12:30 and will end around 3:15. Students can still sign up in the Career Center.

College Visits:

Nov. 8: College of Western Idaho 11:40 (lunch)

Nov. 8: Linfield College 3:05 (After School)

Nov. 13: Grand Canyon University 11:40 (lunch)

Nov. 16: Boise State University 11:40 (lunch)

Nov. 28: U.S. Naval Academy 11:40 (lunch)

Nov. 29: Idaho State University 11:40 (lunch)

Nov. 30: University of Idaho 11:40 (lunch)

Military Visits: (All at lunch)

Mondays: Navy

Nov. 7: Air Force

Nov. 8: Idaho National Guard

Nov. 15: Army

Career Talks:

I will begin this month to have Career Talks in the Career Center during lunch. Thanks to the generosity of the Golden Eagle Club, I am able to offer these talks and provide a lunch. As the year goes on, we will be inviting professionals from the community to come in and share their stories.

Students do need to sign up for the Career Talks in the Career Center.

Nov. 28: Micron Sponsored Women In Technical Careers

Nov. 29: BLM/Wildland Firefighting.

Jan. 23: Apprenticeship Programs

One final note, I will be gone Nov. 13-16, as I will be visiting the US Naval Academy. I will try to get to emails when I am able so please bear with me! I will be back on that Friday, November 17 to complete the week.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Boise Independent School District is committed to creating and maintaining school

environments in which the emotional and physical safety of students, staff, parents and

others is a priority. Schools cannot ignore any threat of violence. When threat making

behaviors occur schools initiate a process called Threat Assessment.

Each school has a threat assessment team that is multidisciplinary. The team will include an administrator, school psychologist and school counselor; in certain situations the team may be expanded to include a social worker, teacher, school nurse and school resource officer (SRO).

What is a Threat?

A threat is an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against someone or

something. Threats may come in many forms, such as verbal, written, drawn, posted on the internet (social media) or made by gesture.

If your child comes home and reports a perceived threat, please notify the school administration immediately or call 343-COPS.

The Threat Assessment Process

When schools learn of threat making behaviors, administration will activate the Threat Assessment Process. Once this has been activated, interviews may be held with the student(s), the threat maker, parents and staff to determine the level of risk and to develop an appropriate response to the incident. Based on level of threat a Safety Intervention plan may be developed with the threat assessment team and shared with parents of the student that made the threats.

To ensure the physical and emotional safety of everyone, it is important for all parties to

engage in the process. The threat assessment process will take place to ensure a safe and caring learning environment for all.

Should you have further questions about the threat assessment process, please contact your building principal.

Thanksgiving Break

No School - November 20th -24th

Winter Break

12/21- Early Release K-12 (Capital Release time 12:13 pm)

12/22 - 1/5 No School

Student Travel Opportunities

Does your student have a desire to see the world? Do they want to explore new cultures and see history up close? If so, they may want to join Mrs. Carter on Spring Break 2020 to ITALY!! There is an informational meeting on Tuesday November 14th at 6pm in room 140. Come and see what amazing adventures await!

ELL (English Language Learners)

We are your ELL staff. Suzanne Kipp, Steve Lombard, and Fred Ritsema.

If your student has LEP (Limited English Proficiency) status, he/she is eligible

for a Study Skills class. In this class we provide time and assistance with homework,

along with working on reading skill building.


District III Drama will be held November 18th at Nampa High School.


Jazz Band has a Variety Show on November 16 at 7 pm in the Auditorium.

There is also the Fall Jazz Night at Capital on November 27 in the auditorium featuring the jazz bands of all four high schools in the Boise Schools.


Capital Quadrant Orchestra Concert

featuring Capital and Fairmont Orchestras

Tuesday, Dec. 5

7:00 PM Capital Auditorium

Debate Team

Congratulations to the following Speech and Debate team members who placed at the Rocky Mountain Invitational this weekend:

Brandon Hemphill and Katie Lotz 2nd place in Varsity Policy Debate
Robert Bratley 3rd place in Congressional Debate
Rachel Edmondson 4th place in Retold Story
Wesley Capps 4th place in Dramatic Interp
Jordyn Walhof 4th place in Oratorical Analysis
Ella Schroeder and Victoria Morriss 5th place in Novice Policy Debate


Cross Country

Congratulations to all our Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams for competing in the State Meet.


Swim Team

Capital High Swim Team

Congratulations to the Girls' and Boys' Swim Teams for their great showing at the District Meet. The Girls' Team finished 9th out of 16 teams and the Boys' Team finished 5th out of 14 teams. The Girls' Team qualified 5 individuals and 2 relays for State, and the Boy's Team qualified 6 individuals and 3 relays for State.

Capital Boy's Basketball

Capital Boy’s Basketball Tryouts:

Friday, November 10th from 4:00pm-6:15pm and

Saturday, November 11th from 10:00am-12:00pm.

If you plan on trying out please sign up ahead of time with Coach Moore. All paperwork, including a Physical for Freshmen/Juniors/Transfers must be on file before you can participate!

If you have questions about tryouts or the season, please contact Coach Moore at: or visit

Go Eagles!

Athletic Paperwork for Winter Sports

Parents of Capital Athletes,

Before participating in any practice or game, student-athletes must complete the necessary documents required by the Boise School District and the Idaho High School Activities Association. In an effort to reduce the amount of paperwork and go green, the Boise School District has moved to an online electronic version of the required paperwork. The program used by all Athletic Departments is called CSMi SportsWare.

This document provides you with step-by-step instructions on completing all required forms.


● Go to .

● Click "Join Sportsware".

● Enter Capital’s ID: 303.

● Enter the Athlete’s first and last name, the PARENT email address, and select "Capital High School" from the Group pulldown.


● You will receive an email within 24 hours that will welcome you to Sportsware OnLine, and ask you to create a password. Please follow the steps to creating a new password.

● Note: if you have more than one child participating in Capital Athletics, you will have to create a separate password for each child.

● Next login using your email address, and the password you just created. You are now ready to begin the online portion of athletic paperwork.

● You will be directed to the main CSMi SportsWare Athlete Portal page. Near the top of the screen, you will see a black bar with the tabs: MyInfo, Med History, and Forms.

STEP 3 – Athlete Information

● Click on MyInfo.

● Click on the General Tab

● Please fill in all boxes with a RED STAR (*) to the right. These include First Name, Last Name, Class (graduating year), Gender and Birth Date.

● Click on the Address Tab

○ At the tabs near the top of the screen, click "Address".

○ Under Primary Address, please fill in all the boxes with a RED STAR (*)

○ You may, if you wish, fill in information under Secondary Address.

● Click on Emergency Tab

○ Please fill in the RED STAR (*) contact information, including full address and a cell phone number, for both the Primary and Secondary Emergency Contacts.

○ You are NOT limited to just one phone number; please feel free to type in Home and Work as well if they are different from the provided cell phone number.

● Click on the Insurance Tab.

○ Please just fill in the name of your child’s insurance provider. RED STAR (*)

■ This includes “Idaho Medicaid”

■ If there is no insurance, please type in “None” *if you want school/athletics insurance please e-mail me

● Click on the Medical tab.

○ Under “Alerts”, please select or type in any medical conditions and or allergies your child may have.

○ If there are none, please choose “No Known Allergies” for one box and “No Known Med Problems” for the second box.

○ Under the Drugs Taken section, please type in any medications that your child takes regularly. If there are no medications, please type in “None” in the larger of the two boxes.

○ Under the Doctor Section, please type in your Family or Primary Care Physician. If you do not have one, just type in “None.”

Click "Save".

*You will be directed back to the home page.

STEP 4 Athlete Medical History

● Click "Med History" from the black bar near the top of the screen.

● Please answer all medical history questions "yes" or "no". If yes, please comment briefly as indicated to the right side of each question.

Click "Save".

You will be directed back to the home page

STEP 5 – Boise School District Forms

● Click "Forms" from the black bar near the top of the screen.

● Complete the 3 required forms with an electronic signature. This must be the parent’s signature.

○ To complete each form, hit SELECT for the form, then Open.

○ Do this for all 3 forms

● You must fill in all the appropriate boxes and hit the Save and Submit Button once completed in order to reach Capital and be recorded

● You will be prompted to electronically sign (parent signature) after you hit Save and Submit.

○ If you forgot an area, you will be prompted back to the form to complete

You are now finished with your child’s Boise School District Athletic Paperwork!

I know that you may have questions, so please feel free to contact me via email at

Thank you!

Pam Arriola MPE, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer

Capital High School

Capital Athletic Website