2022 Term 3 Week 4

Albury School Newsletter

Principal's Message

ERO – Education Review Office and Albury School

The Education Review Office [ERO] has shifted to a new approach to evaluation that supports each school’s improvement overtime. Key features of the new approach, Te Ara Huarau, are that ERO will;

  • Work with all schools in an ongoing way rather than as a one-off event
  • Connect with each school's strategic planning and reporting cycle as part of their improvement journey
  • work in partnership with schools, collaborating and support of equitable and excellent outcomes for all learners

As a result, each school will:

  • have a dedicated ERO evaluation partner who works alongside the school
  • have a different experience depending on needs, strengths, and their school’s specific evaluation focus
  • be on a 3 year evaluation cycle

What will public reporting on ERO's website look like?

As schools transition into the approach, ERO will work with schools to publish a one-off Profile Report.

This will focus on the strategic goals schools have in place to improve learner outcomes and what the school is seeking to achieve through the evaluation.

Within a three-year cycle all schools will then have a Te Ara Huarau School / Evaluation Report. This report includes information about the school's improvement journey, what the school has achieved for learners and their future priorities.

All schools will receive a Board Assurance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements Report about their boards attestation to meeting those requirements.

Other reporting:

Progress Reporting:

These reports are not published on ERO’s website. They can be written by the school, jointly by the school and ERO or by ERO. Progress reporting provides specific information for specific audiences such as your board, the community, or the Ministry of Education.

For more information about ERO and their work please visit: ero.govt.nz

ERO and Albury

During the past 18 months we have been engaged in this new process, and we are all learning how this fits into everything that we do.

Recently the PROFILE REPORT for Albury School was completed and this is now online. This report was co-constructed with our Evaluation Partner. It is wonderful to have our school strengths identified and we are empowered to continue on our journey of improvement for our learners. We are certainly working within a sector that is undergoing some extensive changes with a full curriculum refresh, new legislation and new Ministry of Education national strategies. We are excited that through these new initiatives and expectations that we continue to value our strong community partnership with holding annual events that mean so much to our school community.


Strengths identified:

The school can draw from the following strengths to support the school in its goal of developing a local curriculum and assessment practices:

  • teachers share high, clear, and equitable expectations for supporting student learning, achievement, and progress
  • internal evaluation practices support the gathering, analysis, and use of evidence of student learning and outcomes to improve individual and collective practice.

Our agreed on-going development and improvement areas that we will prioritise are:

  • supporting teachers to grow their confidence and capability in developing curriculum programmes that reflect the local context
  • embedding intentional teaching practices that include appropriate next steps for learning
  • analysing achievement data to ensure that the programme promotes equity and excellence for all students.

This is a journey that we are all on together and I have been in the sector long enough to know that there is never a day when we think – “we’re done, finished – time to put our feet up!!” We are always reflecting and adjusting our teaching to ensure our kids are well cared for, happy in their learning and continuing to make progress that reflects who they are.

If there is anything in the Profile Report that you wish to further discuss, please let me know.

Board Assurance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements Report 2022 to 2025

As of March 2022, the Albury School Board of Trustees has attested to the following regulatory and legislative requirements:

Board Administration, Curriculum, Management of Health, Safety and Welfare, Personnel Management, Finance, Assets

Donna Donnelly





  • Tuesday 23rd: Mackenzie District Speech Competition
  • Thursday 25th: Board meeting, 6.30pm at Carnegies in Fairlie
  • Friday 26th: Ski optional Roundhill


  • Thursday 1st: Mackenzie Schools Ski Race Day, Roundhill
  • Thursday 1st: Ski optional Roundhill (tbc)
  • Tuesday 6th: School Photos
  • Wednesday 7th: School Board Parent Election- Votes close 4pm
  • Friday 9th: Ski optional Roundhill
  • Wednesday 14th: new elected Board takes office
  • Friday 16th: Ski optional Roundhill
  • Thursday 29th: Board meeting, school library 6.30pm
  • Friday 30th: End of Term 3


  • Monday 17th: Start of Term 4
  • Monday 24th: Labour Day- SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Thursday 27th: Board meeting, school library 6.30pm


  • Thursday 3rd: Top Team (Years 3-6)
  • Thursday 24th: Board meeting, school library 6.30pm


  • Wednesday 7th - Friday 9th: Senior Camp Aoraki Mount Cook
  • Wednesday 14th: End of Term 4
  • Thursday 15th: Board meeting, school library 6.30pm

Piwakawaka Classroom

Congratulations to all Piwakawaka Students on delivering your poems so beautifully on Wednesday. To get up on stage, overcome nerves, and remember all the words is an amazing thing to be able to do. You guys rock!

Thank you to all the whanau members who, despite being very busy, made time to support their children not only at the Speech and Poetry contest, but for Parent Interviews as well. We truly appreciate your support and care.


Seesaw is a communication app used between school and home. Piwakawaka Class is connected to seesaw. We use the app to post examples of your child’s learning, photos of activities your child has completed, and learning activities to do at home. Each child has a unique Learning Code that allows them to access their very own journal. When you sign in with their Home Learning Code students can see and post to their journal only; complete learning activities; and parents can comment. Students do not see the work of other students in the class.

The App also has a notifications button which allows me, the teacher, to send a message to all parents. If you reply to one of these messages all people can see the reply. There is also capability to send private messages between teacher and parent.

Next week I will send home a Home Learning Code for you in your child’s home learning book. If you haven’t already loaded the app and connected, please have a go. This is a great way to follow your child’s progress at school in real time, as it is happening. If you have any problems please contact me to troubleshoot the issue, hopefully!!


Heather van der Heyden

Snow by Meila and Natalie

The snowflakes tinkle down

Onto the ground.

The snow clouds drift

Onto the hills.

The sleet rushes heavily

Onto my face.

The rain melts the fluffy white snow.

TUi Classroom

Congratulations Tui students. You did so well at writing your speeches, typing them up, practicing them and delivering them. You should be so proud of yourselves!

A huge congratulations to Blake and Hayley who will be representing Albury School on Tuesday at the Mackenzie speech competition. This is being hosted at Albury so Tui class will get to enjoy the winning speeches from the other Mackenzie schools.

Speech writing has been a huge commitment within our class programme for the last few weeks. Every student has worked so hard to plan and write an introduction, three paragraphs and a conclusion. They have had a snow day, ski day and canopy days in between and they still produced high quality speeches.

Ski day was incredible. It is always such a privilege to see students in year 1 to year 6 speeding past you down the mountain. I am feeling older and slower by the day. You represented the school well and showed great resilience on the mountain.

It was great being able to have parent interviews in person this week. It’s always a privilege to share what your children are learning and where they are heading to next. Thank you!

Nga mihi nui

Hannah Beynon

Welcome Fergus

At the start of Week 4 we welcomed Fergus and his family into the Albury School whanau.

Fergus has joined Tui classroom and has slotted in just beautifully.

School Ski Trip to Roundhill

We have had a wonderful day at Roundhill on Wednesday, 10th August 2022.

For some of our students it was the first time skiing and it was great to see their resilience and patience in learning those new skills. Soon they were confidently going down the beginner slopes with big smiles on their faces.

The children who are taking part in our Friday ski optional programme had a few ski lessons already this season and it was evident how much progress they are making.

How lucky are we to have these great outdoor activities right in our backyard!

Commonwealth Games

Our Albury Kids have been very interested in following the sports events of the Commonwealth Games on the other side of the world. They were lucky to be able to watch some of the competitions in class and learned a lot about different sports, foreign countries and the Commonwealth.

On Thursday 11th August we held our very own Albury version of the Commonwealth games. It was such a fun afternoon, complete with an opening ceremony and prize giving in the end.

Speech and Poetry Day

We held our Speech and Poetry Day on Wednesday, 17th of August at the Albury Hall.

Thank you to our judge Phillippa Guerin for her continued support for this event.

We would also like to thank all our parents and whanau who came along to watch the children, we are feeling very lucky to be able to host events like this again and share the children's great achievements with our community.

We are so proud of every single one of our Albury Kids.

The Piwakawaka students presented their poems with great confidence and the Tui students delivered their well written speeches beautifully.

Well done to Fergus D. who was confidently leading through the competition.


Year 1: Edward (1st), Alice and Digby (joined 2nd), Georgie (3rd)

Year 2: Harry (1st), Paige (2nd)

Year 3: Natalie (1st), Ava and Meila (joined 2nd)

Year 4: Sophie (1st), Mackenzie (2nd), Maggie (3rd)

Year 5: Charli(1st), Jack F. (2nd), Ben (3rd)

Year 6: Hayley (1st), Blake (2nd), Tilly (3rd), Azayah and Olivia M. (highly commended)


South Canterbury Primary Schools Swimming Sports Programme

Congratulations to Hayley on her amazing results in the South Canterbury Primary Schools Swimming Sports Competition in Timaru:

2nd place 25m Breast

2nd place 25m Back

3rd place 50m Breast

3rd place 25m Butterfly

Well done!

Albury School Board Parent Election 2022


The candidates for our 2022 School Board parent election are:

Bray, Sam

Eaves, Laura

Fisher, Nicholas

McGregor, Rachel

McKerchar, Georgina

Ratahi, Jeremy.

On the 10th of August our Returning Officer CES sent out an email with voting papers and directions on how to vote.

(If you are on our parent roll and didn't receive the email, please check your spam folder)!

Votes will close on Wednesday, 7th September 2022 at 4pm.

The new Board will take office on Wednesday 14th September 2022.

Board meeting 25th August 2022

The last Board meeting for this election period will be held on Thursday, 25th August 2022 at Carnegies in Fairlie.

Piano Lessons

We are excited to welcome back Lisa Forrester.

Some of our Albury Kids are having private piano lessons with Lisa on Thursday mornings at Albury School.

This is such a great opportunity for our children!

CAMP 2022 – December 7,8,9

A reminder that the Tui Camp is being held at Aoraki Mount Cook this year. More details will follow. The dates are December 7,8,9. The cost of the camp will be subsidised, however the per pupil cost for attendance is $160.00. This can be paid at any time or in instalments to our school account:



Reference: CAMP

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Police Vet Checks

To attend camps or overnight trips you must have a current Police Vet Check.

For some parents their PVCs are expiring this year (Kathrin will email you to let you know).

If you wish to renew your current PVC, and for new requests, please let Kathrin know and we will get the applications underway. They take quite a long time to process, so we need to plan months ahead to get these processed.

Contact school

To contact school during school hours please ring the office: phone number 03 685 5844.

If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To let us know that your child is away for the day, please ring the office or send an email to office@albury.school.nz and we will pass on the information to the classroom teacher.

Please be aware that if your child is away or if there are changes to their pick up routine we are required to collect this information from a caregiver -just give us a quick call or flick us an email.

Thank you!

Albury Playgroup

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School Policies

The following policies are being reviewed by the Board this term:

Student Wellbeing and Safety and Staff Wellbeing and Safety

Albury School Policies are located online at School Docs.


User name: albury

Password: queen

Concerns and Complaints Process