Christmas Presentation Info

"Every Good Gift"

December 12th Friday–Dress Rehearsal

6:00pm-Creative Ballet (3-4yrs)

6:30pm-Creative Ballet (5-6yrs)

7:00pm-Jazz (5-6yrs)

7:30pm-Ballet (7-10yrs)


8:30pm-Lyrical (11-17yrs)

9:00pm-Jazz (11-17yrs)

9:30pm-Sr. Academy

December 13th Saturday- Performance Day

1:00pm Arrival Time

Location: College Park City Auditorium

3631 Main St. College Park, GA 30337

*Tickets will be $5.00 at the door (cash only)

*Please be prepared to drop off students at 1:00pm and re-enter at 2:30pm when doors open.

*Parents are not allowed in the dressing room at any time.

Hair must be in a bun. No accessories (hair ribbons, bows, etc.). No jewelry.

Please come with a dance bag large enough to fit all materials. Should include class leotard, tights, dance shoes, and own personal makeup. Please bring pink/red lipstick, black mascara, and black eyeliner.

Label your child's bag and materials please and please leave all valuables at home. We cannot be responsible for misplaced/lost/stolen items.

Please make sure your child has eaten before they arrive. Food will not be provided. No outside food/drinks will be permitted.

A professional photographer will be on site. Photos will be available for purchase. Please sit back and enjoy the show.

Please be mindful to not block the view of others if taking your own photos/videos. DO NOT approach the stage for taking pictures. DO NOT enter aisles for taking pictures. We have a hired photographer who will need exclusive access to the stage and aisles.

  • Please practice good theatre etiquette:
  • Please make entrances and exits after dance pieces/during pauses, not during a performance.
  • Clap for ALL presentation-children need to be encouraged.
  • Don't call out while children are on stage-small children are easily distracted.
  • Do not wave at your child while on stage-They lose focus.
  • Flowers may be presented at the end.
  • No eating or drinking.
  • *No flash photography - can cause blinding and injuries.

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