Trippy Twisty Tubular Tornadoes!

Tornadoes with a twist!

What are tornadoes? What causes them?

Tornadoes are violent rotating columns of air extending from the ground to the sky. It is caused by weather. Fast moving winds rolls air below and transforms into a horizontal vortex, it is then uplifted into a tornado. They are caused by weather means that plays a big role in the forming of one.

Impacts and Safety

How does a tornado impact our lives?

Tornadoes are big monsters of force, destroying everything in their path. Some of the environmental impacts are: they can uproot trees, kill animals which disrupt the food chain , and they drive straw into trees. Some human impacts are: they damage houses, kill people, hurl cars, and destroy everything in its path!

How do we protect ourselves?

Tornadoes are very dangerous type of weather storm, the question remains, how would you protect yourself? First off, you have to have a plan. Coordinate with your family and make sure there is either a tornado shelter near you, or you can get in a basement in your house; but if you don't stay away from windows and be in the center of the house. Next, you must know the signs of a tornado to be prepared. Always check on your local news station, to keep up with weather. After the tornado, gather your family and wait for an emergency personnel, like an ambulance, or a fireman.

Welcome to Tornado Alley!

As any other natural disaster, there is a common area where tornadoes happen, this is called tornado alley! Where is this place you ask? Well, it stretches from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and into Nebraska. This area has the most frequent tornadoes. Areas like India, Paraguay, Brazil, and Bangladesh!

Our fundraiser is a funraiser!

Pleasanton, KS Hume, MO Tornado 4/27/14 2 minutes

Not so fun facts!

  • Three quarters of the tornadoes in the world are located in America!
  • Tornadoes can reach up to 300 mph!
  • Tornadoes are sometimes called twisters!

How to help tornado victims!

We at the TTTT Worldwide Help Foundation want to help out victims of terrifying tornadoes. We want to this by creating a fundraiser to generate money to buy supplies to help out the victims. Our fundraiser is going to be a FUN RUN at your local school called the Tornado Thunder Fundraiser Run. This will occur October 24th a 4:00 to 6:30 PM. Your parents can pledge a dollar amount for each lap you run. You can also buy bracelets from your school library which says Lets Tackle Them Towering Tornadoes! This event will be loads of fun for your children. Drinks and food will be provided Hopefully we see you there!