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Weeks of February 1-5


Welcome to Mrs. Riddle and Mrs. Waggoner's Weekly Newsletter! Here, you will find our learning targets for the week, along with upcoming events/reminders.

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Learning Targets

Reading and Social Studies: Students are doing a GREAT job working with their biographies to create a "Where I'm From" poem. I've really enjoyed seeing the understanding each student has for his/her person from history - and demonstrating that knowledge in a different way! This week, we will continue studying figurative language in reading, making connections for deeper understanding, and finishing our biography poems.

A.R. Requirement for the 3rd quarter: Students must read 3 books on his/her level with an 80% accuracy on the Accelerated Reader Quiz. ONE of the books must be NON-FICTION and ONE must be FICTION. The last book can be free choice - fiction or non-fiction. Of course, students are encouraged to read more than this; however, this is the minimum requirement. Completed A.R. tests are due Monday, March 7th.

Achieve 3000 - There won't be any homework articles this week. Two articles will be completed in class.

Writing - This quarter, we will be working on writing informative/explanatory text to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. Some of this will be done during ELA/SS class.

Math - Students are taking a test on Monday of this week over fractions. We are then moving on to algebra.

MOBYMAX: All students need to be doing 15 minutes of MobyMax nightly. This is part of their homework score and many students are forgetting this requirement. MobyMax login and password information can be found in your child's B.E.E. Binder for their required 15 minutes nightly (or 60 minutes/week). If this is an issue at all, due to network resources, please let us know and we can work something out at school. Please send in a note if this is the case.

Science - We are learning about physical science. This week, our focus is energy. Students are taking a look at kinetic energy and potential energy.

Upcoming Events

February 2 - Skating Party 6-8:30pm

February 8-11 - Jump Rope for Heart

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A specific link was sent in an email, to all parents, to invite you to www.gethomeroom.com

Mrs. Riddle

Mrs. Riddle teaches English Language Arts, Socials Studies and Writing to the 5th grade students on the Riddle/Waggoner team.

Mrs. Waggoner

Mrs. Waggoner teaches Math, Science and Writing to the 5th grade students on the Riddle/Waggoner team.