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William the Conqueror

Biographical information: His name is William the conqueror and his nickname was William the bastard.Hr lived in France province of Normandy. He was a very arrogant man and wasn't liked by many.
Memorable moments:William had many significant battles and in 1050 and early 1066 and  he became the contendar of the throne. The battle of hastings was in October 14 of 1066. Around 1066 , Harold Godovinson who was going to be the big king , died. Then around December , the march on London happened.
Qoute: "See I grasp England in my hand". - William the Conqueror
Interesting and unusual facts: William was of Viking origin. Even though he spoke French and grew up in Normandy,  he and other Normans descended from Scandinavian invaders.At first, William’s future bride wanted nothing to do with him. When he asked for the hand of Matilda of Flanders, a granddaughter of France’s King Robert II she said no.
Importance: Some of Williams important decisions were the Norman mission torome to see papal support and the Norman invasion. He also helped with an accurate tax system. He crossed the engliosh channel with his Normandy army and he defeats the enemy and wins the Battle of hastings.

Joan of Arc

Biographical information: Her name was Joan of Arc and she had a very unique nickname, The maid of Orleans.Joan of Arc lived in France and she was a very brave girl.
Memorable moments:She was inthe battle of hastings and she also at the age of fifteen led the French to victory ! Joan of Arc was captured by the English and burned at the stake.
Quote: I am not afraid... I was born to do this. - Joan of Arc
Interesting and unusual: She became the saint and the symbol for patriotism.
Importance: She decided to start a group of powerful nobles to join together agaisnt the king. At 15 she lead French to victory over the English at the battle of Hastings. While commander of the French army, Joan of Arc didn’t participate in active combat.

King John

Biograohical information: His name was KIng john ll. He was also known as Lackland, because he had nothing and his brothers had everything. King john lived in England. He was a very cocky man. He thought he was better than everyone and wasn't very nice.
Memorable moments: He fought the Barons becuase he raised taxes on them and they pay the taxes the most.Since his law was so bad , no one could take it anymore and so they came up with the Magna Carta.
Quote: Mad world! mad kings! mad composition! -King john
Interesting facts:He died after eating peaches and a lot of ale. Apparently he killed Artur by stabbing him then tying him to a rock and throwing him in a river just so he could be more powerful. John signed the Magna Carta but broke all his promises and some of the laws of the Magna Carta
Importance: The main important thing that King John did was he signed the Magna Carta. Even though after he sighned it, he ended up breaking all the rules that happened to be in the Magna Carta.