Jackie DeSanto

My Full Name is Jacqueline but i prefer to be called Jackie. I am a Civil Engineer. I am from Lake Mary, Florida which is about 40 minutes away from UCF

Why did I join EXCEL?

Honestly, I joined for the STEMS community. I figured that this program would be a great way to make friends that had similar interests in math and science like me. That is why I am also staying in the EXCEL living learning community. I also thought it would help me succeed in my classes so I could reach my goal of becoming an engineer.

How do I think EXCEL/COMPASS will help me succeed in my first year of college?

I think the math lab hours will be very helpful if i ever struggle in the class. Also I feel EXCEL will allow me to make a support group of friends that can study with me and help me with my classes this year.

One unique fact about me

I started piano in 3rd grade but switched to trombone in 6th. I played that in band up until this year. I even went to solo and ensemble with it and received superiors.

My siblings

Josh is 13 and Becca is 11