Tiong Bahru

Our Research

Our Journey Visiting Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore.This might be the reason on why we noticed many senior citizens staying there. Our objective is to know why does the ageing residents in Tiong Bahru is not moving to another place that has services and facilities to help and guide them.In this newsletter, we will show you about what activities we did when we visited Tiong Bahru.

What we gained from the Geographical Investigation

By visiting Tiong Bahru for our investigation, we get to know the situation around there. We can also see the difference between our hometown and Tiong Bahru. Our hometown has new facilities like having LRT stations around the estates and shopping centres are nearer to our house. For Tiong Bahru, they have many shop houses and most of the shops are cafes and housing appliances and the nearest MRT station is the Tiong Bahru station. From here, we learnt to appreciate the facilities that help us to travel and buy food that is near to our estate.As we interviewed the residents there, we get the answer to our objective.This is because some of them admitted that they regard Tiong Bahru as their own.