What holiday do they celebrate?

They celebrate January (NEW YEAR'S DAY)6 January (Dia de los Incentesy Reyes Magos.27 February (Dia del Civismo). Carniva ( Monday,Tuesday before Lent. May (Betalla del Pichincha independence Day.They do festa to celebrate all the holidays.

what is the land like in Ecuador and how does it affect the people in Ecuador?

Its very muddy and mostly dirt the ground and the air has a lot of moisture and in the mud and dirt are tiny rocks.

What natural resources can be found in Ecuador and what environment issues is Ecuador currently facing?

The UN team found that only shelter in the town of piping located new the volcano,opened eight months ago and provides housing to 38 families.

what is the 3 most important histracle events in Ecuador?

The history of Ecuador extends our an 8000 years period.During this time a variety of culture and territories influenced what has become the Republic of Ecuador.