Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Jason Armistead Owner/Director

Losing a loved one is hard enough to deal with. Making sure to adhere to family, personal, and cultural wishes can make it even more difficult. While the Eternal Rest Funeral Home can meet any of your needs, we would like to make sure you are aware of all your options

Individual Wishes

Some individuals prefer a traditional burial, while others prefer cremation. This decision may be entirely left up to the individual, or based on religious needs. The individual may wish to have an open or closed-casket funeral. Costs can vary greatly, so it is helpful to plan things ahead of time in relation to fund availability. Whatever the decision is, it is easier to determine this beforehand so that there are no questions at the time of death.

Family Wishes

Unfortunately, many of the funeral decisions are left up to family members. This can include who will speak at the funeral, and sometimes even what religious denomination to conduct the service. If all decisions are left to the family, money can also be a deciding factor on what to include.

Cultural Needs

A strong religious precence for the individual and family can carry a lot of weight when making decisions. Will the funeral be open of closed-casket, will the deceased be cremated, who will conduct the service, and where should the service be held? Some individuals may feel differently about these, but when religion is the deciding factor it is important to think of these questions beforehand when there is adequate time. Another thing to remember is that there may be specific hymns or prayers that need to be included with the service.

Economic Factors

Sometimes an individuals wishes are trumped by economic restrictions. There is no doubt that funerals can be expensive. Sometimes the end of life care required by an individual can deplete resources that may go towards a funeral. This can result in compromises when it comes to where to be buried, casket choice, burial or cremation, and even where the service will be located. These economic needs can sometimes outweigh all other influences, including the individuals wishes, family wishes, and cultural needs.
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The above link provides excellent information in regards to rules and laws that funeral home directors must follow. It also provides information on some of the costs associated with varying levels of services and products.
The link for coping with grief helps to give some basic support during this difficult time. There is no easy fix when it comes to the death of a loved one. It is important to remember that this is part of life, and that it is ok to grieve the loss.