Teacher by Cristal Villalon

Career Cluster: Education & Training,

My reasons for choosing this career are....

* This career seems FUN .

* It looks INTRESTING .

* And you get to meet new people .

Training & Education Required for this job are...

* You must receive a Bachelor's Degree .

* To become a teacher you are supposed to stay in College

for at least four years .

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What is the work environment like?

* The work environment is Indoors . It is inside a classroom big enough to fit all of the students . The type of clothes they have to wear for work is a business casual outfit . As a teacher you they have to work in a team .

Job Description

Salary: 54,120 // annual

Growth Opportunities: Employment of kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Growth is expected because of projected increases in student enrollment. However, employment growth will vary by region.

Job Outlook: A job outlook would be becoming a principle after teaching for

a few years .

Responsibilities: * Create lessons for students .

* Teach students how to communicate with each other .

* Observe to evaluate abilities, strengths, and weakness .

* Communicate with parents about child's progress .

* Prepare students for standardized test required by the state .


Do you still have an interest in pursuing this career after completing your research? Why/Why not?

I do still have an interest in pursuing this career after completing my research . Yes because, It sounds Fun , interesting , and has a very good salary . It also helps others with their Education and communicating with other people . So, basically my answer is Yes I would .