Transposition of Great Vessels

Birth Defects and Genetic Disorders

What is it?

Transposition of Great Vessels is a heart defect where the oxygen in blood that is pumped from the heart to the rest of the body is decreased. This means that the blood goes into the lungs, picks up oxygen, returns to the heart, and flows back into the lungs without ever reaching the body itself. Because of this the the blood never picks up oxygen in the lungs.


  • Blueness of the skin
  • Clubbing of the fingers and toes
  • Poor feeding
  • shortness of breath

There's A Cure

Is Transposition of Great Vessels Genetic?

This disease is genetic. This means that both parents carry the gene in the disease and it is passed on from both the parents to the baby. Symptoms can appear both at and a short time after birth, The range of symptoms also depends on the type and size of the heart defect and how much oxygen moves through the body's general blood flow. In order to try and prevent your baby from getting this disease a mother should be immunized against rubella if they are not already immune. They should also eat well, avoid alcohol, and controlling diabetes both before and during pregnancy.

How will you know?

A condition like this can be diagnosed before birth using a fetal echo cardiogram. If your baby's skin develops a bluish color, especially in the face or the backside, you should immediately go to the emergency room or call 911. If new symptoms begin to develop or they continue after treatment, its best that you call your heath care provider

Treatment Options

Upon discovering that your baby has this disease a medicine called prostaglandin will be received through an IV. This will allow the mixing of the two blood circulations by helping to keep ductus arteriosus open. To permanently correct the problem the baby will undergo surgery which is called an arterial switch procedure. This makes it so the great arteries are switched back to their normal position. After the surgery it is possible that the baby still has a few symptoms but after a few weeks the baby can go on a live a normal life.

TEE: Transposition of Great Arteries (Dr. Teimour Nasirov)