by Amber Teffeau M. (ATM)


Why should you vote for me, Thomas Jefferson? Do you want to a person that has a dad that is a farmer? John Adams is a Puritan, we are trying to get away from that kind of thinking, and we do not want to have someone like him being our president. John Adams didn’t even listen to his dad, he went into Law instead of doing what his dad wanted John to do, ministry. If you vote John Adams then you have to deal with his kids in presidency, and his family isn’t happy anyway he is always running around somewhere doing who knows what.

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John Adams

  • created the Alien and Sedition Act
  • Left his wife and kids a lot
  • Hopeless at romance
  • His kids most likely will be president
  • he was going to be hanged if the Revolutionary War had been won by the British
  • Has crazy parties at the President’s House

Thomas Jefferson

  • He was a good student
  • Jefferson was a good believer in state's rights
  • Completed the Louisiana Purchase
  • Way better than John Loser Adams aka know as the alien
Thomas Jefferson Rap Video
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