R4i SDHC - The Perfect Gaming Support For Nintendo 3DS

R4i SDHC – The Perfect Gaming Support For Nintendo 3DS

The future of handheld devices is considered to be Nintendo 3DS. This particular device is the first ever handheld device to have full 3D configuration. You would be amazed to know that the 3DS games are exclusively targeted for having the 3D view which enhances the gaming experience to a high platform. For all the Nintendo DS gamers, who might have several DS games along with you, need not worry about purchasing new game cartridge as they are completely compatible with the 3DS version as well. The previous features of Wi-Fi connectivity, in-built cameras and bottom touch screen still remains which support the multiple player functionality.

Apart from the gaming concept, the 3DS has extended its wings to support 3D videos and pictures which are believed to be the first its class. The more amazing feature in it is that you can have several movies downloaded into your handheld console directly. More to this is that you have motion control in your device which prevents the usage of keys and hence, the games seems more interactive to the user.

Several games are present which can addict you to go for them for long hours. The R4i SDHC is one of the game cartridges which are also known as R4 3DS. The R4i SDHC is compatible in all forms of Nintendo handheld gaming console. There are several games available in them which require a memory card to be inserted. The kernel software is required to be installed in the 3DS otherwise the games can’t be accessed. The memory card consists of the several games including the software. The advantages of these cartridges are that once the kernel is installed then the games are quickly accessed without any loading time, they are compatible with all the versions of Nintendo. Several online firms provide selling these cards in cheap prices.