The Tortise's Bad Year

By: Jackson Flickinger

The Tourtise's Bad Year

Once There was a Tortoise and he was not a normal tortoise he was special because he was not handsome on the outside he was handsome on the inside. On day the Tortoise went to school . The Rabbits, Squirrels, and Cardinals made fun of him because he looked funny, so the tortoise said,"But,but my personality is much better if you get to know me." The Fox (the ringleader) said," Well we don't care what is inside of you, we just care that you are ugly," The only animal who wasn't making fun of tortoise was turtle, she thought that he was cute. Toward the end of the school year the tortoise was still made fun of d the fox asked the turtle," will you be my girlfriend?" The turtle said,"NO!" The fox said," Why?" The turtle said," Because you made fun of tortoise." The fox said," who him, He doesn't matter." Then the turtle asked the tortoise ," will you be my boyfriend?" then the tortoise said ," YES!" Theme: Don't make fun of anybody because it might come back and bite you later in life.