Reviewed by Aristotle himself!

#1 Plot

Earth is slowly becoming a giant dust bowl and Professor Brand, a brilliant NASA physicist, must find a way to save it with the help of a brave former NASA pilot named Cooper before its too late.

#2 Character

Cooper, Professor Brand, Murph, Mann, and Brand's daughter bring pure excitement to this movie.

#3 Thought

The theme of this movie is that through the use of teamwork, mankind can overcome the greatest of obstacles.

#4 Diction

"Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of space and time." Look at the impressive language used by the script writers!

#5 Sound

Although Han Zimmer's piano and organ music didn't make them film, the two years worth of work he spent on it only made it better.

#6 Spectacle

Between the spaceships, black holes, and extraterrestrial planets, this movie has all of the spectacle you could ask for!