Tundra Biome

By: Bear Bryant

Abiotic and Biotic Factors

There are many abiotic factors in the tundra biome including its cold temperatures, winds, the 4 seasons, altitude, and soil. The biotic factors are heaths, Snowy Owls, Reindeer, Polar Bears, Wolverines.


They're usually is 6-10 in. of rain or snow. The temperature is usually -30 degrees.

Life in a Tundra

One type of plant life in tundras are Heaths. The soil in tundras are bad because there is permafrost which is permanently frozen soil. The animal life in this region includes Wolverine and Reindeer.

What's happening to this biome

Humans affect this biome by man made global warning which is melting glaciers and snow. We need this biome because They have unique animals and they can only live there. We can protect this biome from destruction by using alternate energy. We over hunt animals in this biome. We could keep these hunters out of these areas to help with this problem.

Cool things

This biome is known for its cold climate and lots of snow. All plants that live in this environment are short and grouped together. Another cool fact is that the artic tundra was formed 10,000 years ago.
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