Related Arts News at The Grove

Locust Grove Elementary

March 2016

Music News by Tim Springer

Fifth grade classes are currently learning about West African music. This unit focuses on performing drumming ensembles to explore the concept of polyrhythm which is many rhythms played together. After learning and performing a whole class ensemble, students are working in small groups to create and perform their own ensembles. Students are using African drums, shakers, bells and xylophones. The results have been very impressive. On another note, we had a great time hearing the Louisville Orchestra.

Fourth grade students are currently learning Appalachian folk music. They are learning that folk songs are passed orally from one generation to the next and sometimes change over time. Some of the songs they are learning include Skip to My Lou, Boil Them Cabbage Down and I Will Arise. One of the highlights of the unit has been learning to play the dulcimer, a stringed instrument that is now the official state instrument of Kentucky.

Third grade students are currently learning about the Percussion family and how each instrument makes its sound. We've talked about 2 categories of percussion instruments: pitched such as xylophone and piano and unpitched such as drum and maracas. In addition, students are reviewing time signatures, and form (AB and verse/chorus). Song repertoire for this unit includes several timeless folk songs (Old Dan Tucker, John Kanaka, and Coffee Grows on White Oak Trees).

Second grade students are learning about the Brass family and how the instruments make sound. We have watched some exemplar video performances of the trumpet, trombone, French horn, and tuba on You Tube.

First grade students continue working on their music reading skills. We recently added the pitch, la to our previously learned pitches of so and mi. To practice these pitches, students created short melodic patterns to represent individual characters in the story, The Gingerbread Man. As I read the story, students played their patterns anytime their character was mentioned while others dramatized the action. Still others sang or played additional instrument parts to help tell the story. Integrating drama into music class is always a fun way to learn music concepts.

Kindergarten classes have been focusing on fast and slow tempo. One of the students' favorite activities was Fast Land and Slow Land where we pantomimed a story at both fast and slow tempos and then set it to music. In addition, they recently learned to sing, "You're a Grand Old Flag" to reinforce some of the American symbols they have been learning about in the regular classroom.

Drama News by Sherri Eldridge

In drama, the primary students are learning about the technical elements of drama (scenery, props, costumes and makeup), and how they affect a performance. After spring break, we will focus more on performing by using character voices, acting like characters, and using puppets.

The students in grades 3-5 are working very hard on creating a complete class play to perform during the last rotation. They are not just peforming it though! They are writing it themselves, as well as creating the scenery, props, and costumes, and even directing it! We would love to have you join us for the performance, so watch for more information to come home about the date and time for your child's class!

Physical Education by Clint Bennett

Hello to all from your PE teacher. Its been awhile since our last update and many things have happened.

Basketball will be over on March 21st. The players did a wonderful job this year and there was major growth with many students.

Third, fourth and fifth grade recently wrapped up a dance unit where they created and performed original dances. Each class had two days to create, plan, and choreograph an original dance. Students used their schema of dance along with the elements of dance to create their original piece. The students were beyond impressive with what they came up with in two short days.

The current unit of study is "Importance of Practice." In this unit students will be learning about skills of different sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and floor hockey. We will close out the year working on team sports and sportsmanship.

Upcoming Events:

Cross Country forms will be going home at the beginning of April for the 2016 fall season, please be on the lookout for the forms.

Field Day will be held on the second to last day of school this year. If you would like to volunteer please email me and I will get you in contact with our PTA.

The Art Room! by Typh Hainer Merwarth

Winter may have been chilly but we were warm in the art room! Students made cozy, soft sculptures out of polar fleece in grades 3-5. most students brought them home to share with family and friends. K-2 learned weaving techniques K-1 created woven paper place mates while 2nd graders made looms from paper plates and wove with yarn. The students loved this highly tactile experience. Many of the projects are still here at Locust Grove and will be on display during the school art show on April 28th.

The new year included introduction to the media of printmaking all grades K-5 created original prints.

5th grade was introduced to the artist MC Escher and his use of Tessellations to create complicated patterns. The students were fascinated by the Mobius strip and other optical illusions Escher Created. The tessellation project involved higher order thinking skills ( analysis, revision, multiple media manipulation) and involved math skills to create. The students were excited and impressed by their print

4th grade drew self-portraits inspired by famous artists including Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Van Gogh, Mary Cassest and Claude Monet.

3rd grade created original prints from their choice of subject. Many students created artworks inspired by animals, sports teams and entertainment.

K-2 also created original prints form their choice of subject. the student sloved using the Brayer to roll ink, placing the paper on top of the stencil and their favorite part was the reveal of the final print. I art room was filled with smiles and squeals of delight at the sight of their creations. Many of the prints will also be on display at the school art show on April 28th.


I had the privilege of attending the opening weekend for the newly renovated Speed Art Museum which is located on University of Louisville's campus downtown. This is a wonderful addition to the community. Their are exceptional art works on display and wonderful family events. MY children enjoyed making art and playing with interactive displays at the improved Art Sparks on the lower level of the museum. Best of all due to a generous grant from Brown Foreman The Speed is free to the public every Sunday for the next five years.


The 4th annual Oldham County Art Show begins next week and runs till April 11th at the Oldham County Arts Center in Crestwood. 50 + Locust Groves Students will have art work displayed at this years event. Please visit this wonderful free community art show.

LOCUST GROVE ART SHOW - will be April 28th

VOULENTEERS NEEDED!!!! Please contact me if you have time to help with setting up this massive school wide show. Thank you!!

Best blooms to everyone,

Ms. Typh