Middle School Diary

6th Grade

Day 1


The first day of middle school and I’m now taking the bus….

It’s not as bad as you would think unless you miss the bus or get in a fight.

I’m glad my friend was on my bus so I can sit with her.

I made a few friends but I’m still not use to all of the new teachers and people.

Day 2


I have got some what use to the bus except for all of the bad words.

I made a few friends that are on my bus.

It's awesome because some of them are in my classes.

I have gotten use to my teachers maybe except for a few of them.

I’m NOT use to eight class periods!

Day 3


I just found out something that is HORRIBLE!


It’s not that bad but I don’t like the idea of one.

My brother had to wear one and he lost it a lot of times….

The school isn’t that bad except for a few flaws.

I’m use to where my classes are now, I even found a few shortcuts so I don’t use the hallways.

Day 4



They get so crowded and I have not seen one, but there might be a few fights.

I learned that we have to wear our ID so they know who we are, and because people do get pantsed.

Okay, so I like choir but all of the boys in it are SO annoying.

They just talk ALL THE TIME!

Day 5


TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)

It’s Friday WOO!

My math class is starting to get a little hard but that’s okay because I’m in Pre-AP.

All of my classes are Pre-AP.

Math, Science, Reading, and Social Studies.

I also take AVID, which gets you ready for college and stay organized.

There are things call TRF (tutorial request form) and Cornell Notes.

TRF’s are where you fill out a form and bring it to class so other students can help you.

Cornell Notes are just where you take notes that are more organized.

Day 6


The weekend is over….Sadly…..

It’s now Monday and this week is when we get serious about homework and school work.

In reading class we have a reading log.

In science we have nothing so far.

In Social Studies we have nothing.

In Math we have just have homework.

I’m already not liking waking up so darn early!

The homework is very important but I know at some point in the year I will forget to do it....

Day 7


The week is going by slow, then again it’s only Tuesday…

I have great friends, but some of them don’t seem like real ones.

My teachers are amazing, except some of them get mad at the class and that isn’t amazing.

I know they need to get mad at the class, so they “learn.” But honestly, they don’t even learn.

I can’t believe how many words have been made up this year.

Day 8


Half way through the week.

I don’t like homework at all.

I have never really liked it since 4th or 5th grade.

My teachers are very strict about it, though.

I understand it helps us learn more and keep our knowledge in place but I don’t like to do school work when I’m at home.

I’d rather watch TV and play games on my phone.

My friends are amazing, just some of them can annoy me at times…..

One of my so called “friends” Likes to cheat off of my paper.

So I don’t like to be her partner on group things.

Day 9


I have great friends and teachers I love this school… Sometimes

Gym is fun, until the pacer, push-up, and sit-up tests.

Choir is quite fun and so is band!

My science, Reading, math, and social studies are also fun.

So my school likes to joke around about ebola, which isn’t funny.

Middle School actually isn’t that bad.

I can’t wait for summer break, though.