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October 9, 2020

It's BOOK FAIR time!!!

We are unable to have our in-person book fair, but that's not going to stop us from getting some new books to read!

Please visit our VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR to order some or your favorites! This link is LIVE starting Monday, October 12, and will close on Friday, October 23.

6th-8th Grade BAND Students

If your middle school student is participating in BAND, please see the message from Mrs. Bier below!

I am checking to make sure all of my band students are receiving emails from Mrs. Bier every Sunday? If you are not, you may not have an email in Infinite Campus. Please email Mrs. Bier at nbier@zps.org to get that information corrected

2020/2021 Calendar

The 2020-2021 calendar is published and available by clicking HERE, visiting www.zps.org or www.zquestparents.com. Due to COVID-19, we will be following the traditional ZPS calendar. We will return to our year round, balanced calendar for the 2021/2022 school year!

Remote Half Day #2: October 16

Virtual Book Fair: October 12-23

Conferences (Virtual): Nov. 10 and 11 (3p-6p-MS & 4p-7p-ELE)

Remote Half Day: Nov. 12

7:35a-10:45am, middle school & 8:40a-12p, elementary

Conferences (Virtual): Nov. 12, 1p-7p

NO SCHOOL: Nov. 13

Thanksgiving Break Week: Nov. 25-27

Holiday Break Week: Dec. 21-Jan. 1

Mid-Winter Break: February 8-9

Spring Break Week: April 2-9

Last Day of School: June 10, 2021


If you are interested in a new be nice. tshirt option, please send the form (linked here) and check (made out to Roosevelt Elementary) back to school with your student!

be nice. shirt order form

*Also note, a hard copy of the order form went home on Friday, Oct. 9, with your OLDEST or ONLY ZQuest student!

Parent Portal

Please use this PDF in order to get instructions and a code to set up your Parent Portal (access to grades, bussing information, etc.)!

Mask Up Reminder

We have been so fortunate so far to keep COVID-19 out of our school building. It is human nature to fall back on old habits as we get more comfortable in this new school year. It is so important to be reminded to wear masks consistently, keep our distance, and wash our hands frequently. Honestly, we need to do this now more than ever before. In a matrix that Ottawa County Health Department uses, on a scale of A-E with the number of COVID cases in the county, we are at a low D. We are as little as 3 cases away from closing down our school, and just one case of COVID can cause a classroom to go remote for 14-28 days. We have to be just as diligent when we are sitting together as colleagues--mask up and be careful to not be within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more. Remember, that 15 minutes is not consecutive--it is 15 minutes total throughout the day. If you are going to be within six feet of students for an extended period of time, use the plexiglass barrier or a shield on top of your mask. While we cannot completely prevent COVID-19, we can do our very best to mitigate it.


While we can't have volunteers in the building, we still want to provide kids with one of their favorite parts about Halloween...when guests come in and read to them! We need to put a spin on this activity due to executive orders, so we are looking for volunteer readers who would like to record themselves reading their favorite picture book! If you'd like to volunteer, please record yourself reading and send it in to Ms. Leslie. It will be put on a reading list for teachers to use all week leading up to Halloween!

Halloween Week Plan

  • Monday, Oct. 26~ COMFY/CASUAL Day (wear your casual, comfy clothes)

  • Tuesday, Oct. 27~ HAT DAY (wear your favorite hat)

  • Wednesday, Oct. 28~ SPORTS DAY (wear your favorite sports team)

  • Thursday, Oct. 29~ CRAZY DAY (mismatch clothing, crazy hair)

  • Friday, Oct. 30~ ORANGE YOU GLAD YOU CAN READ (wear all the orange that you can!)

Halloween Snack~ will be provided on Friday, Oct. 30, using funding from the PTO & parents' generous donations. THANK YOU so very much.

We understand that this is a very different time and we are trying to put together a plan that is a little different than the "these days normal" to celebrate what is typically a very FUN time of the year for our kids! Please remember the following for Halloween:

*We will not be permitting costumes

*We will not be having our traditional costume parade

*We will not be utilizing our awesome volunteers (we so cannot wait to get you back in our buildings)

*We will not be accepting treats from outside

STAR Assessments

*As part of our Road Map to Returning to Learning, we have been asked by the state to share students' STAR assessments. STAR is our district-wide reading and math assessment that we take three times during the year (fall, winter and spring). This assessment helps guide our instructional plans and also supports us in intervening with students who may struggle in certain core areas.

*We are sharing STAR scores with MIDDLE SCHOOL students now and ELEMENTARY students in November. Please watch What does STAR data tell me? which was created by our Curriculum Director, Dr. Brandi Mendham, and a few middle school teachers in the district. This video will give you an idea of how we use the data and what you can find by looking at the report sent home.

*There is a signature line, however we are NOT requiring signatures; these are given as informative data.

*As always, please let us know what questions you might have!

Breakfast and Lunch Information

All meals (breakfast and lunch) are served at NO COST to all ZPS students until Dec 2020, or until USDA funds run out. You can find your schools menu at https://www.zps.org/parents/food-service/. Only complete meals are free. A complete breakfast or lunch has to have 3 items, one item must be a fruit or vegetable. An entree is usually considered two items (protein/grain). A complete meal is an entree, fruit and/ or vegetable, milk.


If you have not already done so, please get your ipad insurance set up!

Please NOTE:

Elementary students DO NOT set up an Apple ID, Student Portal or HS Email (this is all part of the insurance/ipad set up flyer linked below)

With this change, we are requiring iPad Insurance for all students. Information on how to get insurance and cost breakdowns can be found HERE and information on setting up your insurance can be found HERE.

Each ZConnect student should have a ZPS issued device. If you still have not picked up your child's iPad, please email Leslie at lrindfli@zps.org to get office hours and days for next week!

Please NOTE:

Elementary students DO NOT set up an Apple ID, Student Portal or HS Email (this is all part of the insurance/ipad set up flyer linked below)

iPad Insurance for all students is highly suggested. If you chose not to pay for insurance, you are responsible for the replacement of a lost device or the full repair of a damaged device. Information on how to get insurance and cost breakdowns can be found HERE and information on setting up your insurance can be found HERE.

Battery Life

Please be aware that Zoom is a battery sucker, and we have not found a way around this. General tips such as reducing screen brightness and reducing volume/using headphones are good ideas in any case, but the major consumption is due to the Zoom meeting. Our suggestion is to zoom while the device is plugged in, which will make a huge difference if possible.

Preparing for Remote Learning...

Troubleshooting Directions

Downloading Apps

ZOOM Instructions


We currently have 52 ZQuest parents/guardians connected to our REMIND app! If you are willing, this is a great way to get FAST updates and reminders. We'd love to have you join!

  • NEW this year, due to the uncertainty of how things will settle with COVID-19, we are going to try communication through REMIND. This will primarily be for reminders and should school be cancelled in-person due to COVID or should we have a fog delay or snow day (I can’t believe I’m talking about snow!). Your child’s teachers may set up a classroom REMIND as well. They will come to you in the same way and will tell you who the REMIND message is from.

  • Parent Website at http://www.zquestparents.com/. This site is our MAIN place of information and should become a habit to look at for reminders and answers. If we need to point out something specific, Leslie will send it in an email with attachments and teachers will do so as well in their classrooms!

  • You can also find information on our Parent’s Facebook page located at ZQuest Parents if you search for us on Facebook. This is ONLY a place for reminders and parent engagement and sharing. This is NOT where we store information or publish information that must get to parents.

Secondary BLOCK Schedule Help

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Zeeland Return to Learning Parent Information

Medical Forms

If your child will need ANY medications given to them during the school year, the correct MEDICAL FORM must be FILLED OUT AND SIGNED by your child's doctor BEFORE we can begin to give meds.

Medication Distribution Form

Seizure Plan

Asthma Management

Diabetes Management Plan