A 5th Grade Thanksgiving

Welcome to Brady's Big Boy Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone in Mr. Elliott's class is invited to Thanksgiving at my house. I'm not a great cook but hopefully this tastes decent. I will be serving Turkey, homemade pumpkin pie, apple cider, sliced caramel apples, stuffing, oven-baked rolls, and great tasting mashed potatoes. I don't know how you do your Thanksgiving Dinner, but this is how I would do mine.

Thursday, Nov. 27th, 1:30pm

8660 Oak Country Ln

De Soto, KS


While I'm making my delicious Thanksgiving meal, here are some things you can do while I'm cooking. You may play a game of Fall football covering my 2 acre yard, create a crazy pilgrim fashion show, or run the amazing 2k (1.216 mi.) around my neighborhood to earn yourself some pride, or you could walk and talk with friends. Just make yourself busy and have fun doing it!

What Are You Thankful For?

Talk in a group of four about what you're thankful for. You will share at the end to the class.