Instructional Coaching Menu

What services can the BSD instructional coaches offer you?

Cognitive Coaching Cycle

Together, we can participate in goal setting, observation, data collection, and reflection.

I can provide feedback on these items or anything else you would like.

Differentiation Support

Together, we can design tiered lessons, activities, and assessments.


After collaboratively planning, we can teach a lesson or a series of lessons together.

Demonstration Lesson

You can observe a lesson in your classroom or in an alternative classroom.

Classroom Assistant

I can serve as another pair of hands for a lesson or another pair of eyes to track student concerns.

Technology Support

Collaboratively, we can create technology-integrated lessons.

Gather Resources

I can hunt for hard-to-find lesson components and resources for you.


I can help connect you with other teachers and other coaches in the district. I can cover your class while you observe lessons in other classrooms or buildings.

Listening and Support

I love to lend an open and confidential ear and enjoy brainstorming or just listening.