Slide into clean!


My pants after baseball games are always super dirty and hard to clean. This makes my mom crazy.


The Slide-O-Matic includes a covered wood frame, a peroxide baking soda mix, and a scrubber. The cover on the frame uses women's nylons to keep the pants from sitting in their own dirt. The peroxide baking soda mix is an amazing cleaning solution.

You slide the frame into the pants, you create the paste by mixing the peroxide and baking soda, you spread the paste on the pants, you scrub, and you put the pants in the wash.

It cleans super well, so it won't take as long to clean my filthy pants.

Aidan Bosak

I liked making the frame because I got to use power tools. We used a 3' by 3" piece of wood and cut the tall sides by 9 in. and the short sides 4 in. My Mom is excited to use this for real when the baseball season starts again!