andrew jackson

a change for the nation .~

a hero for the common man .~

Andrew Jackson was born to working class immigrant parents . his father died three weeks before Jackson was born . when he was 14 his mom died and he was adopted by his uncles , where he became interested in law . by the time he was a young adult he was very good at his job and was very set on his opinions . when he started running for president he gave all white men suffrage . he always tried to make his decisions while he was in office so they would benefit the working class families .

jacksonian democracy .~

Jackson created his own political party , called Jacksonian Democracy , which is the first version of our current Democratic party . Jacksonian Democracy gave all white men the right to suffrage , which means the right to vote . Jacksonian democracy was pretty much created so the class restrictions in America would go away . it was created so that all white men , no matter what job or " financial class " they were in , they could still have the same rights .

the fall of the national bank .~

when Jackson became president in 1828 he strongly wanted to shut down the national bank because he believed it only loaned to the wealthy people and was just run by rich northerners . later in his presidency , he shut down the national bank for the " common man " to be able to get loans too . he believed there should be state banks , not a national bank .

the spoils system .~

the spoils system is a system Andrew Jackson created . it gave his supporters a job in the government . some may say this was a bad decision because they were inexperienced , but in my opinion it was a good thing because giving them a job instead of them maybe being unemployed .

general jackson slaying the many headed monster .~

i think this political cartoon shows Andrew Jackson " slaying the many headed monster " or just fighting off the British for the second and last time . i think it is him showing them that we have overcome their power and can be on our own now . i think it also shows him defeating the leaders and finally freeing the colonies for once from their control .