technology rules for parents

By Ethan.L



Parents and adults we all know that you never really had technology when you where younger so you don't fully know how all of it works do you.So that is why I am hear to tell you some rules. You know that the technology we have today is more advanced than it has been and this generations that I live in is lucky and it is still advancing


RULE #1, never text while driving that is just common sense, if you are doing something that is detracting you from driving you shouldn't do it you will get in a car accident so why do it

Rule #2

RULE #2,today the generation that I live in know has a lot of interesting stuff on the internet but there is still bad people on the internet and bad stuff so parents should be very careful about what there kids might be doing on it so chuck what your kids are doing regularly so they are not doing something they shouldn't be.


RULE #3,parents adults you should know this but still some of don't. you should never ever ever EVER! give personal information to any one on the internet even if you are friends with them because one day they are your friends get in a fight the next day you are not so be care full.


RULE #4,never send a picture of anyone productively dress if it is you or anyone do not do it at all never never never.


RULE #5, in this day and age there are many freaky people on the internet so be careful for those creeps and weird guys.


RULE #6, never make an account for any thing on the internet that is not under your name it is not the smart thing to do it can end with you in jail.


RULE #7, be careful if you have a webcam make sure that you turn off your computer so no one hacks into it to see what you are doing.


RULE #8, never should you ever click on a pop up add or any thing like that it could install a virus so you can not do anything.


RULE #9, if you have a phone go to your settings and turn off camera location because in ten minutes someone could be at your house.

RULE #10

RULE #10, snap chat is never a secret so don't do anything bad on it